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Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank you all

Guys, I really didn't expect more than a comment or two when I was complaining about my injury a few days ago. I am so grateful for the encouraging words from many of you! One thing you have to say about the running community: it is supportive.
So. thank you for being so kind and offering so much comfort and understanding.

Thank you also for the congratulations on our anniversary! We went out to Emeril's for dinner, followed by a glass of wine at Tommy's Wine Bar across the street. I bought a dress and shoes for the occasion simply because I had two meetings in Metairie right by the mall and I had about 45 minutes to kill between meetings. But I ended up with a cute lace dress and strappy shoes with chunky heels. I'd show you the heels but we still haven't figured out our camera timer, so they didn't quite make the picture. The dress is a plain shift with black peter pan collar, and the cutest part is that it zips down the back with a panel of black fabric and a chunky gold zipper. Darling.

For dinner I had veal with succotash and we split a steamed muscles appetizer with coconut milk and ginger. Both were delicious. David had maple-lacquered duck, which I've had before at Emeril's NOLA.

This was our first time at Emeril's flagship restaurant; we usually go to Emeril's NOLA on our anniversary because we ate dinner there on our wedding day. The food is delicious at both restaurants, but I think I like the atmosphere better at NOLA. Lots of tourists end up in Emeril's, so you have a lot of in and out and people in ball caps and sweaty kids with families - and it seemed more crowded to me; there wasn't an empty table last night but I don't remember NOLA ever being completely packed.

As far as the injury goes, something interesting happened late Friday night. My doctor actually called me from his cell phone as he was waiting for a plane. He'd had a busy day trying to get all his patients out before he left for vacation, so he called to touch base after leaving. The gist of the message was to stop all PT that stretched the offending tendons or used a resistance band, no running, take NSAIDS, and "hang tight". I'm sure he meant hang LOOSE. Right?

Anyway, it was nice of him to call. He's a young doc and apparently hasn't lost his soul yet.


  1. You look stunning! Sounds like a really nice anniversary night. Your MD is a rare breed, lol...that's awesome he took the time to call and follow-up. I hope you heal quickly!

  2. You look amazing--happy anniversary!

    I love doctors who take a minute to reach out to patients. I think that's a rare find these days. And b/c my body is much happier w/o stretching than it was with, I think he's got sound advice!

  3. You seem to have such good doctors out there. No one I ever see out here would ever do such a thing for me.

    Hopefully you find out what is with your injury, yea I'm with the doc, just seemed like the PT was making the injury worse. PT is supposed to strengthen supportive muscles to get you back on the roads, not injure you further. Hope you get it all figured out!

  4. That dress looks awesome on you - you look stunning! I am glad you had a fun anniversary celebration!

    That is really nice of the doctor to call you like that. I hope his advice works!!

  5. Cute dress! I have only been to Emerils once and have never tried NOLA, but I remember the bread pudding being quite good!

  6. So maybe moving in the right direction now with the injury??? That dress is awesome, and you look awesome in it! Glad you had a nice night out:)

  7. love the dress!!! so no running...will you follow that advice..the PT today said the most important is to strengthen the muscles around just like Nelly said. The stretch I have to do are at zero pain level. and then working on CORE.