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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another one bites the dust

Well, so much for the awesome deal that my $20 Ebay Garmin 305 was. It's dead. Or at least, well on its way to dying.
First of all, it has no battery life to speak of. If I take the fully charged unit on an eleven mile run, with no button-touching except to restart laps at the end of the warm-up and workout, then it's beeping "low battery" by mile 10. I haven't tried, but I could probably get 16 miles out of it. Just barely. Obviously, that's a problem with a 26 mile race coming up. I have already been thinking about replacing it due to battery life, and David advised me to buy a new one, since battery life was the most important thing I was looking for. 305s are so old that all of them available right now risk minimal battery life. But the new models - the 225 and 230 - have a lot of activity tracker features that I don't want, and don't have enough data fields for the run. The 630 costs more than I spend on my monthly rent, but the older versions - like the 620 - don't have the most recent connectivity.
But it must be replaced, so I have to make a decision - and soon.
Decisions, decisions! What's your recommendation? Keep in mind that - for someone who claims to never really use a Garmin - I insist on seven data fields (pace, average pace, lap pace, lap time, lap distance, time, distance). And hopefully time of day, too. That's the minimum to do races, intervals, and regular running without having to change data fields!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Marathon training, week 7

Training for Twin Cities Marathon, October 9:

Monday: Off.
Tuesday: 10 total. This was the week I switched to the longer, slower repeats I'll be doing for the remainder of the training cycle. Rather than run on the track, I did my mile repeats in the park. It was dark when I started, and I didn't have my backlight on, so I struggled a tad with paces at first. The workout was 6x1 mile with 400m active rest. It seemed very easy, too easy, and my pace was much faster than it should have been (more like 7:05): 6:59, 6:51, 7:00, 6:52, 7:02, 6:50. Hm. No way this could come back to bite me, right?
Wednesday: 8 in the blazing sun at 7:55 pace. Bad idea. First, my workout was too fast. Then, my easy day - the most important easy day, between two hard days - was faster than prescribed. 
Thursday: And Thursday was payback time. I headed out for a tempo, and at mile three and a half, I bonked. Just like the end of a marathon. It was incredibly humid, and I'd gone to bed hungry and didn't eat that morning, but I really think the bonk was from veering off my training plan as far as paces go. I jogged back home for 8.5 total.
Friday: Off. I was scheduled for 8 easy, but I took off because I was worried that Thursday's bonk was a sign of overtraining. Plus, I had to take a final that morning. It was poor timing, because this was the first week with a long run of 16 miles, which is supposed to be on tired legs, but oh well. 
Saturday: 16 at 7:47 pace with 20 levee hills. I keep doing a lot of my runs on the levee, and I have no idea why. It's broiling out there. As soon as I hit the park, the shade under the trees changed everything. My last two or three miles were the fastest because I was in the park. I felt fine for this run, which was a relief, but I'd rather have the experience of a long run on tired legs like the plan calls for. I still kind of feel like this plan isn't working well for me - but maybe with the longer speed work and increasing length of easy runs between hard days, I need to go back to a full day off between speed work and tempo. The tempos just seem harder than they ought to. The pace I am running them at matches my fitness based on recent races, so why so tough?
Sunday: 8 easy.

Total: 51 miles.

This should have been 61 miles - so the workout I quit plus the skipped day had a big impact. I feel kind of bad about that, but I also think that a bonk bad enough to quit a workout should be followed by a day off. Plus, the final exam schedule really gave me no choice (unless I took it late Friday after our dinner reservations). Regardless, I feel like a big failure for flopping on the week. 

Have you ever bonked on a workout? What did you do, and did you take time off after? 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dirty linen night

I like dirty linen night so much better than white linen night. For one thing, I wore this:
Just kidding. That was actually art in a gallery!
Dirty Linen Night is on Royal Street, so it's both a little more funky than White Linen Night AND a little cut above as far as art goes. Julia Street is mostly galleries of new or current artists, but many galleries on Royal are art dealers, and some sell Picassos, Warhols, and even Rembrandts.

We finished our stroll through the galleries with dinner at the Pelican Club, which has become a tradition. We love taking advantage of the August pre fixe Coolinary menu! I had an appetizer of homemade fettuccine with short ribs and a seared tuna entree that I couldn't finish (the portions at Pelican Club are unusually large for a fine dining restaurant). We gave up on dessert and brought it home - it was just too much.

My favorite piece this year was the dress pictured above. I know that my interest in sewing and crafting colors my perception of textiles as art, but this embroidery was truly beautiful. Other pieces in the gallery featured more embroidery, all of nature (for some reason, lots of rabbits), and it was quite impressive.

That's our last outing for awhile. Another school session starts soon, and I think it will keep me busy: I'm taking two of the most time-consuming courses at once. The last session, with just one (easy) class, had me spoiled!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Go, ladies!

I was so proud of our Olympic women's marathon team! To have three women finish in the top ten was impressive, and the way both Flanagan and Linden rallied really showed their guts (although I really wonder about Linden's racing strategy in the heat, going out to the lead and making multiple "surges" throughout...THIS IS SO MAKING ME DOUBT MY HANSONS MARATHON METHOD).
From Runner's World

It seemed to me that the heat training our team completed paid off. The United States was the only country with three top ten finishers, and all our women broke 2:30 on a hot day. I love it!
Flanagan is on a roll, Linden is just simmering, waiting for a break-out race, and Cragg - a marathon newbie - has many great races ahead of her. I'm excited for the future of marathoning in the US.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Marathon training, week 6

Training for Twin Cities Marathon, October 9:

Monday: Off.
Tuesday: Track day! Eight miles total. This was 3x1600, a workout I just did two weeks ago - and failed at miserably. However, this week went much, much better. The weather was a little less terrible, and I easily hit within my pace range, 6:16, 6:21, 6:21 (The first was a little too fast).
Wednesday: 6 easy on the dirt track.
Thursday: 10.5 with 8 tempo at 7:12. Splits 7:15, 7:08. 7:12, 7:11, 7:09, 7:16, 7:13, 7:10. It was a little rainy, a little cool, and this tempo felt good (finally). I cut the warm up short, and it showed with a slow first mile, but mid-80's weather was far better than the 90's I've been running in.
Friday: 10 easy. Pouring rain but oh so nice and cool! 79 at the start and 82 at the finish!
Saturday: 10 at 7:35 pace with 20x levee "hills". Again, lovely cool and rainy weather.
Sunday: 6.5 easy.

Total: 51 miles.

A cut-back week! This week was overall lower volume and difficulty compared to last week, and I felt good all week. I'm sure a big part of that was the change in temperature. We've had lots of rain this week, leaving areas of our state flooded disaster zones, but the bright side is a break in the heat.
I definitely had a better week this week than last. I'm starting to see a pattern: Every other week with Hanson's, you ramp up. The long run gets longer, the easy days or tempos might get longer, the track interval length extends. Those weeks are hard. But the weeks that follow seem easy in comparison. Or maybe I'm finally improving! Who knows.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wrinkled linen night

Same dress, almost every year. It always gets packed for the winter and comes out a wrinkled disaster that no iron can conquer.
As White Linen Night grows, we are less and less likely to see any art. The crowds are too big to fit in some galleries, and frankly, some of the art they display for the open is particularly bad. I'm not saying bad as in, "Not my taste", I'm saying bad as in, "You have no talent." It happens! Although I do admire the young entrepreneur, faking "artist" well enough to get into a gallery.

Most of the fun of White Linen Night is running into friends. This year the highlight was capping the night off with cocktails at the Windsor Court with - of all people - David's old babysitter! Twins, a boy and a girl, used to come over to watch "Baby Davie", as they called him, a good forty years ago. Now, this babysitter is married with his own kids, but he remembers lots of escapades with Baby Davie! It was such fun to hear them reminisce.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Marathon training week 5

Training for Twin Cities Marathon, October 9:

Monday: Off.
Tuesday: 8 total in surprisingly nice temperatures - I think 86? Six repeats of 800m with 400m jog in 3:08, 3:09, 3:11, 3:09, 3:09, 3:11. Plus warm up and cool down. So much easier in mid-80's vs mid-90's.
Wednesday: 8 easy. I had to teach a class early in the morning, so I moved my run to the afternoon. This meant that I ran this at 5 pm, which was nice as far as weather goes (the humidity tends to be worst in the mornings), but meant that I was running a tempo twelve hours later. 
Thursday: 11 with 8 tempo at 7:16. Total disaster. My legs were still tired from the night before. My tempo portion was way off pace, and still felt hard!
Friday: 15 easy. Because of our weekend plans, I had to move this run up a day, meaning it was the day after an exhausting and terrible tempo. So obviously, it was exhausting and terrible, too. The cycle continues! 
Saturday: 8 easy.
Sunday: 7 easy. I ran this later in the day, just like last week, and again it felt easy. Must be that I feel best at noon!
Total: 57 miles.

This was a week of compromises between life and running plan, and was a flop on the running front. Once I started messing with the schedule, it all went downhill. My tempo was too slow and too hard, and then my long run was run at easy pace instead of long run pace (I didn't want to even try a faster pace that close to the tempo because my legs and joints were already complaining. I am not going to get injured this time around!).
So this week certainly proved the importance of sticking to schedule. I will get back to business next week!