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Monday, July 2, 2012

Busy summer days

Time to play a little catch-up. In the past two weeks we've been busy! First my god-children have come to visit, and we had fun at the beach and the most amazing princess tea ever. I think I look good in a crown. We were trying to pose like a royal portrait here but Tillie kept getting distracted by the finery around here.

Then my friends Vanessa and Felix and their adorable two year old Bella came over the next weekend. beach weekend #2!
Yes, Vanessa should be a model. But actually she teaches advanced art. She is the only friend I went to art school with who stuck with art!

It was in the middle of this weekend that David got his job offer, which kind of ruined the relaxation part of the beach. We discussed the situation and prayed about it and decided to ask the opinion of David's current boss. That was a great idea! She immediately emailed him back, a detailed email telling him how much they like his work and exactly what steps they would take to ensure that he could stay on with them after his temporary position was over. It wasn't a promise, but it was very positive, and it was the extra information he needed to choose to stay at his current job.

Then my sister came to visit for a short two day trip, just two days after Vanessa's visit. We rarely see each other, so it was a visit with lots of talking and lots of eating!
Twenty-five cent martinis at Commander's Palace

No sooner was she back on the plane than we were picking little brother Abe up from the airport, back from a semester in Denmark. We were happy to do airport duty since it got us out early from a horrific child's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Whoever invented that place should devise torture techniques for the NSA.
With Abe safely home I had to invite the rest of the (local) family to dinner to see him, and only after I cooked a pork roast as big as a baby did I remember that my dad is vegetarian and one of my brothers is vegan. They got white bean-walnut hummus with roasted garlic and fresh herbs (I haven't killed my basil or thyme yet!).

Now we're back to work with Abe sleeping on the couch. I need a break!


  1. Love your purple dress! And, you have had a crazy few weeks - house guests galore. :-)

  2. Being the hostess can definitely be exhausting!

  3. It's so good that you got some reassurance about David's job. It's much better for him to stay with a job that he likes if it's possible.

  4. 25cent martinis! The tiara looks so natural. Future race-attire, I hope! Glad David's job situation worked out well.