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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Amazed by Houston

Whenever I take a business trip to Houston I'm amazed that its inhabitants are content to undergo such brutal commutes every day. That place is a hot mess. The admin at the offices we were visiting told me that in a year, her commute went from 30 minutes to over an hour. In a giant SUV (the only car they sell in Houston, apparently).
I just can't believe how much driving people do just to complete everyday tasks. Crazy.

By the way our ride to the airport was a $78 taxi fair, took over an hour, and involved being pulled over by a cop for unsafe lane change, during which time it was discovered that our driver had a valid license, but not a chauffer's license. And we had to lie and say we were just his friends and he was just borrowing this taxi. Anything to get to the airport on time.

My short trip was to attend a conference that I actually got a lot out of (shocking, I know!) and was a good chance to talk to peers from other pharmacy systems. Of course, now I'm on clean-up mode at work and have a booming headache. I brought workout clothes for the trip, but our tight schedule didn't leave time, and I ate junk for every meal since food was provided. Now I feel fat, gross, and ill. But I slept in so no workout this morning: it can wait until tonight. I needed the sleep, too! The rest of the week I'll try to get back into a routine and eat some fresh foods. I haven't had a piece of fruit in days!

How do you stay healthy when you travel? I actually brought some granola and an apple in case I was in a snacking situation and needed something less junky than what I could find, but having our meals chosen for us certainly limited choices for the most part.


  1. Oh my, what an intersting taxi ride you had! Glad you made it there, lol. I bring my running shoes and workout clothes with me when I travel (mostly I have just tagged along with my hubby while he's attending a conference so I have time to workout while he' busy, haha). I try to eat healthy also but do indulge in a nice dinner and's all about balance, right?! ;) You'll be feeling back to normal in no time...just give yourself a couple of days...traveling is exhausting in and of itself!

  2. I try to work out but it doesn't often happen. I always ask the front desk if they have a fitness kit for the room so I'll have a yoga mat and some free weights or bands if I don't feel like making it to the gym. (A gym towel works for situps and pushups in a pinch!) I also try to stick to mainly vegetarian food when I travel. If there's nothing good that's vegetarian, I move up to fish, if there's no fish, then chicken. It helps me stay on the lighter side of things. As for travel snacks, I love apple slices, popcorn, and sliced green peppers. I found a package of roasted beets at my grocery store and took them on my last trip- they were excellent.

  3. I have a hard time staying healthy when traveling. I have little to no control over when/where we eat as it's determined by the sales rep or client. I work in a male dominated profession, which means lots of steak houses. And then we work such long days, it's hard to fit in workout time, too... So yah. Luckily I don't travel TOO much so it's manageable.

    That traffic sounds awful. It makes me really appreciate my 10 minute bike commute. :)

  4. Kinda funny about the taxi driver. Shoulda negotiated a discount since you saved him from a fine or whatnot!

    I couldn't imagine a long commute. Mines 7-miles. I've biked it and ran it (though I've mostly been lazy and driven). When I was in KY I drove about an hour but it was all country roads through farm land. Pretty. No traffic jams. Actually kind of relaxing.

    As for eating on the go - hard to when meals are pre-planned for you. Bringing packable snacks helps - sometimes I turn a few of those into a meal.

  5. Very interesting taxi ride there! I can imagine the stress of trying got make a flight. Eek.
    I don't do much traveling, but i usually bring a bottle of water (to alternate with my terrible coffee habit) and a can of V8, maybe two. I tried to bring cottage cheese on a flight once and almost had it confiscated as a liquid. I ate it outside the gate before boarding because i didn't want to waste it. Boo. I like Lindsay's idea of packable snacks.

  6. Hey girl. Wanted to let you know I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award...details are on my blog! Happy Friday! :)

  7. Too bad they couldn't coordinate your conference with the Houston Marathon (but it's in January). You would run well there. :-)

    As for feeling blah after getting home, I understand. Traveling and eating healthy do not usually seem to mix. Maybe they do for some but even if I order a salad at McD's I still feel "guilty." I'm sure once you get caught up on sleep and start exercising you will feel MUCH better!

  8. Houston is ug. We have pretty bad traffic here too though; my commute is about 12 miles, which in a car can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half. That's why we have trains. I can get to work in about 30 mins on the bus/train and that includes walking to/from the stops!

    As for traveling and food/exercise, it's hard! I try to go to the store and get some apples and healthy snacks (or bring them with me), but if you are being provided food (and are cheap like me) it's hard to be healthy. And what you said about sleeping in/needing true! But then I feel guilty all day for eating crap and not working out. It's hard to find a balance!

  9. You had to pretend you were the cabbie's friend??? And the cop accepted that story??? Wow. Just wow.

    Fitness on the road... I pack my running shoes before I pack business clothes. Depending on my schedule (and sleep needs) I'll either run before work starts or sneak 3-5 miles in between the end of the work day and beginning of social obligations. That said, I do work out fewer days while traveling. If I am running 5 days/week at home, I probably run 3-4 on the road.

    Also, I pack healthy snacks (mixed nuts, fruit). Salad bars are my friend at lunchtime. At dinner I accept/enjoy the heavier foods, figuring an unhealthy meal or 2 won't kill me. Everything in moderation, right?

  10. best friend moved to Houston (I'm from Boston area) and not happy looking at THAT photo. The traffic puts me over the edge. I agree with Kyria and Beth. I pack my favorite snacks and check out ahead of time if there's a gym OR I check out the local run/walk clubs. It depends on how serious I feel! Sometimes just heading to the bar is exercise enough. Found your blog on Kyria's site:)