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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My husband made me lunch

- My husband made me lunch. This little guy was rock hard but light as a feather - all the water had burned out and I basically have a desiccated potato. Aw. It was cute that he tried.

- I went to the doctor yesterday. He insisted on an x-ray, and then he spent 15 minutes admiring my bones. Yes, doc, I know, I have incredibly strong, dense bones. This thrilled him so much he told me that I had "the bones of a water buffalo" which I chose to take as a compliment.
- We discussed a few treatment options for my osteitis, but since I only had signs of inflammation and no degeneration at all, we went the anti-inflammatory route: I got oral NSAIDS and an intra-articular steroid injection. 
- A steroid injection in the pubic symphysis is distinctly not fun.
- I'm now off running for a week and a half, then I will go for a short jog and call my doctor to report. We shall see!
- Another house in our neighborhood went up for sale. It went on the broker's listing last night and David wanted to check it out. No go. It sold sight unseen for over the asking price before it was ever listed for sale: less than 12 hours after it went on the MLS! To make these even less believable, the listing stated that the house needed repairs - still purchased sight unseen. Crazy.
- David said when he dies he wants to be reincarnated as an Uptown housing market. 
- My little brother is still living on my sofa. He is paying rent in free coffee (he works at a coffee shop). It works well for us. 
- Since I have another week and a half of no running - and this time no lunging or jumping, either - any more interesting workouts I should try? 


  1. Aw...I'm sorry to hear you're off running for a week and a half but at least you have good bones, lol! maybe Pilates or Yoga? Have a great day and that's cute your hubby tried making you lunch and I would take free coffee for rent money too! ;)

  2. That is crazy about houses in your neighborhood selling like that...must be one heck of a neighborhood! Sorry about more time off running! :(

  3. That is a hilarious (but definitely complimentary) description of your bones!

    What about swimming?

    And the free coffee sounds good to me too!

  4. Water buffalo bones? haha awesome!

    Bummer about being sidelined from running for a bit, hopefully you are back out there soon.

    Yea, the housing market around here is nuts too. But the bizarre part is that prices are still really low, even though tons of offers come in on houses around here now. I don't understand it. Usually more demand=higher prices, but it seems like thats not the case.

  5. Ok, I laughed out loud about the potato and the water buffalo. Ha! Glad your bones look good and that there is a plan!! Sorry about the week and a half of no running but am so hoping that this does the trick for you. Hugs!

  6. Thanks so much for the advice on the Bentyl. I really appreciate it and feel better about trying it. Thanks again! :)

  7. Sorry for another comment - I can't find an email address for you! Any thoughts/experiences with the Louisiana Marathon? I am looking for an "A" race in January - fast and flat and keep seeing ads for this one. Any thoughts? You can email me at fullhousemom at g mail dot com :)