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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I love this: coffee mug

How nerdy: a coffee cup with the caffeine molecule on it!

Since I'm a pharmacist, I like the chemistry reference, and I've always been partial to glass coffee cups. They're not that easy to find, but they remind me of the glass teacups we owned growing up. I used to feel very grown-up when I'd make myself a cup of tea in a glass mug: not only was I handling boiling water, I was pouring it into glass!

What's your favorite coffee cup? C'mon, I know you have one, we all do!


  1. I love that cup..I have a degree in chemical eng...maybe that's why....!!

    I collect mugs so I have several I like.
    I have a "life is good" one with the Canadian Flag on it. I like that one and I have one that the very first team I coached (when I was 18!) gave me and I love that one also

  2. Mine's a big red mug that says Mum's Hot.

  3. Very cool mug:) I only drink iced coffee, and hot tea out of a plain white mug in the winter - boring.
    PS - yes, that is my sister - she got the goodwill gene from my mom, they are crazy goodwill/thrift shoppers. I grew up on consignment/salvation army clothes. The best find she ever got me was a pair of brand new true religion jeans for $9.99 - favorite pair of jeans!
    Also, so glad you got the mushas!!! so sad you are not allowed to wear them now:( get better! I think a friend of mine has what you have - she can't function without pain down there, she's waiting on xrays. Sorry for the novel!:)

  4. A Starbucks mug from Kuala Lumpur. My husband brought it back for me from his last trip to Asia (and the only time he has been to Malaysia).

  5. I had a long-reigning favorite, but it was recently bumped out of 1st place by a mug I picked up at The Hangout in Gulf Shores, AL.

    The heft of the new mug is just right. (I'm picky about my coffee cups - they have to be substantial but not so big they are unwieldy.) And the quote on the outside is perfect: "Be nice or go home!"