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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

I know most of us read SUAR's blog - and even if you don't, you probably know Sherry's story. The entire running community is saddened by this tragedy.
Please visit SUAR's blog to read about Sherry and, if you are able, donate to help her children, who have just lost their mom.
I hope you'll join SUAR in a virtual run for Sherry.
I know I will.

I dedicated the first mile of my last marathon to Sherry (I wanted it to be a good mile!) but now I'm even more happy to race for her. You see, I'm already running on Feb 11th, the day of the virtual run. It's the Wall 30k, so I will be racing with two bibs.
Please join me in this virtual run in support of Sherry's family and friends. It's a celebration of her life by doing what she loved. 


  1. I definitely hope to run, walk, SOMETHING for Sherry! I do not understand people's minds ... Why does stuff like this happen?

  2. Most of the ladies Iknow are running the St Pete RNR that weekend, and already are planning on double bibbing. I'm a little unsure what my weekend plans are, but I'll be doing something.