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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fixing an ipod

My husband goes through electronics like I go through running shoes.
He has had FOUR ipods since I've known him. I have had one (we have been together for 7-8 years).
If you have been paying attention, you may recall that I actually got a brand new ipod by turning in my old one, which was recalled for flaming batteries. But I am not using that PIECE OF CRAP, because I HATE IT.
Review of the 6th generation nano to come. In case your wondering, it ain't gonna be 5 stars.
David, darling that he is, dug out one of his old nanos - a 3rd generation with a cracked screen - and attempted to fix it for my use.
The blue tool is actually an ipod-opener. There is such a thing. Weird.

It was my brilliant idea to use collar stays to hold the case open as we worked on other edges. Saved the day. 

You know what? Apple makes it impossible to open their products. It took us two weeks to pry it apart. But we got it!

We replaced the screen and it works like a charm. The only problem is that now we can't quite get it back together. It closes, but it's not even a little bit water resistant. I think I will buy a "skin" for it as added protection. Until then, I'm still running with no music.
Which mp3 player do you use? 


  1. I prefer my older, larger Ipod too. I often wonder, in the "healthy" west (Apple headquarters) if they EVER have runners to test their products.

  2. What a bummer!! You can have mine?? I have had it for years and maybe use it once a month... Literally, I've put play lists on there ONCE, and they're still there...

  3. I use a ipod shuffle..super small thing with a fine
    I am impressed that you were able to open that thing!!!

  4. I never thought to try to fix anything like that myself. I use a Classic iPod that I have had for...5 years. It works great for me; it sometimes turns off and reboots for no reason, but other than that, it's fine!

  5. tiny little shuffle here. really inexpensive, and no screen or antyhing, btu when I am running, no need for screen.

  6. Wow, I didn't realize that you could open an iPod, that's pretty impressive that you were able to fix it. And I bet you're right, a little skin will probably work just great to keep it sealed/waterproof.

  7., oh my gosh i'd never even trust myself to try and open that thing!! i'm impressed u guys got the job done...i woulda prolly walked into Best Buy complained, spent hours going thru the process, and still wound up with a messed up ipod. ;)