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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras! (Late)

This pictures are from David's parade on Sunday. He rides in Thoth. We weren't actually in New Orleans doing Mardi Gras today because, eh, too many tourists.
That's why this is late...I didn't get around to posting until Wednesday!
Pic from here

DAvid's float's theme was Royal Street: the Krewe's theme this year was Streets of New Orleans

Dorky costume

And of course he threw me the good stuff. 

You know what is astonishing? A city as corrupt and disorganized as New Orleans can put on weeks of parades for many thousands of people with relatively no glitches. And if you are unfamiliar with Mardi Gras, this isn't just a few floats and some dance troops. This is 33 parades (just inside New Orleans proper, not even counting Metairie, the Westbank, and surrounding areas) with many floats, half the streets shut down, all the marching bands from all of our high schools, and thousands of "throws" being hurtled into crowds that include babies, teens, families, drunk people, and criminals. The entire series of events is accompanied by a city functioning as an open bar.

I don't know how we do it.


  1. I know Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a huge tourist attraction, but its one thing I have zero interest in doing. I don't like being around drunk people, I don't like crowds - the whole thing to me seems like a huge cluster!!! Gah!

  2. Mardi Gras must be insane! I've only been to New Orleans once in 2010, and the downtown was crazy enough and there wasn't any sort of holiday going on. Couldn't imagine how crazy it would get at Mardi Gras!

  3. I can not even imagine the crowd!

  4. I was in New Orleans once for New Years Eve and that was enough chaos for me. I can't even imagine Mardi Gras.

  5. I love your wit! I was wondering what "locals" thought of the increase in activity during this time--kind of like Vegas, I suppose!

  6. Happy Mardi Gras to you, too!
    Ahh... I love the Gulf Coast this time of year! (Though Pensacola's festivities are a tenth of what NOLA has...)

  7. Looks like fun! I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras once and after that I decided to take my vacation that week. It was too much of a pain, as I worked downtown!