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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine question from Fatsy McBloaterson

It is Valentine's Day.
We have dinner plans.
Thanks to my annoying bodily clock, I am in a revolting state of bloated grossness.
I need clothes that both hide this belly I've suddenly grown and, preferably, feel like pajamas.

So my question is - is this too frumpy for Valentine's Day? See it on here.
My other options are jeans and a sweatshirt or staying at home crying while my husband gets take-out Chinese and wonders what he did wrong.


  1. lol. i prefer staying in lately. we're making alfredo and having wine. i think you could def wear it. sadly you may need to wear heels though to keep it dressy, sorry.

  2. Go with the dress! Cuter on you than on the hanger. :)

  3. I sit, in pj's, staring at your post. I don't think I'm qualified to answer any of your questions.

  4. I think it's fine! IN fact, I have the same dress! Did you get it at Ross? I got it at Ross. Ha. Sorry.

  5. Doh. Just read your other post with the picture. Neimens! Whoa! Maybe it's not the same dress.