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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


SUAR tagged me for this, and she threatened me with some vile bodily function if I didn't do it, so I'm capitulating.

Here are the rules:
Forget the rules.
Yeah, I'm breaking the rules. This meme is so over. Not tagging anyone. 

Random Things About Me:

1. I have short thumbs. It's actually brachydactyly d, a congenital birth defect. No piano playing for me.
2. I've never been to a hair salon. I cut and layer my hair myself and don't color it...yet. Watch out, grays!
3. I am not scared of anything. I just don't have fear. It's weird.
4. I delivered one of my brothers. As in, caught the baby. Note to expectant moms: don't wait until your contractions are 1 min, 11 seconds apart to call the midwife.
5. I am not even remotely interested in interior decorating. I just have no skill in this area at all.
6. I met my husband online. On Friendster!
Look, weird wedding ring and short thumb all on the same hand! 
7. I wear my wedding ring on the distal joint of my ring finger (ie, farthest from my hand).
8. I have never seen my husband sleep: I ALWAYS fall asleep first. For all I know, he could snore.
9. I carry a Sharpie in my purse with which to aggressively correct public grammatical errors.
10. I can't swim.
11. When I was four, I would not eat unless I had first washed my food in running water: and I mean everything I ate: sandwiches, string cheese, salad, scrambled eggs, you name it.

SUAR's questions for me:

1. In five words or less, tell me your most embarrassing moment:
Text, alcohol, multiple, "Jeff"'s
2. What’s one habit you need to break?
I wake up early to run. Instead, I have a cup off coffee and read the paper. Then I'm late. Dumb.
3. What’s your favorite book of all time?
The Complete Sherlock Holmes (I know, choosing an anthology isn't fair...)
4. Have you ever cheated on a test or a partner (don’t need to tell me which one)?
NEVER, this goes so against my personality. I am a firm believer in total honestly and working for what you get!
5. If you weren’t doing your current job, what would be your profession?
A portrait artist. I'd make you prettier if you paid me extra.
6. Do you think Bob Harper is gay?
Who the heck is Bob Harper?
7. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
You're the man.
8. Would you be able to run further or faster?
I'd rather run faster. And I'm not interested in running further. Ultramarathons don't tempt me, they just fill me with distaste.
9. What food gives you gas? Nothing. I grew up vegetarian and my stomach can withstand all manner of soy, cabbage, beans, and bizarre vegetables.
10. Ever done a cleanse or had a colonic?
No, but I once went to this website for "Dr. Natura" and was revolted/fascinated beyond belief. I heard they took the fecal images down, but if you Google it they'll return to haunt your mealtimes.
11. What’s your dream marathon?
One that is missing miles 15 - 19.

I would like you to go back and read my random #4. Please choose your response:
A. That is so distressing, but you show no signs of such a shock occurring in your formative years. Cheers to you for overcoming and developing so normally.
B. What a beautiful story. It makes me want to put on my broomstick skirt, grab a soy milk, and head down to the co-op to sing songs about nature with a guy who needs to bathe and plays guitar.
C. Well, that explains half of your neuroses.


  1. ha ha, you are quite the character Gracie. Unique for sure. So funny that you take the sharpie with you . I always wish I had a sharpie to correct those errors. Even more so when they are signs put up by parents in the school and I'm the teacher walking by. Like Your vs. You' easy to mix up. Or the their, there, they're mix up. Or adding an apostrophe to its when it isn't supposed to have one. ha! I think your random #4 doesn't surprise me considering the bits you've shared about growing up. Definitely an experience that would shape a child. How old were you? Did you say? 11? And do you wear your ring like that on purpose or did your fingers swell and you just went with it instead of resizing your rings? So glad you don't wash your food before eating now. Or do you? :)

  2. My "interior decorating" skills consist of telling my husband he's in charge of it. I also met him online, at Runner's World, to be exact :)

    I think catching your brother is a pretty neat story... so... congrats on developing so normally, it explains half of your neuroses but if you will excuse me I have to get to the co-op.

  3. Your so specail. I really liked all you're randoms. Their strange, especially the won about washing you're sandwiches.

    Can you still read your computer screen? ;)

    I'll go with C.

  4. I like your answer for the dream marathon. I would want 18-23 to be gone, personally.

    I think C is definitely the answer.