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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rain, rain go away

It has been raining here for a week. Every day. Drizzle, downpour, pattering, fogging, slippery-sidewalk, gray sky, misery. It is wet and hot and everything smells sour and is steamed up.
I want some dry air.
My husband got caught in the rain while running four days in a row, and his shoes are totally waterlogged by now. They stink. I got caught in a a sudden deluge last night, and I really thought I had managed to miss the rain. Nope. During my last mile I got soaked to the skin, and that made me mad because my hair had been behaving so beautifully that I thought I could probably pull off the old just-wash-my-bangs thing. Ha! So much for that!
I used to like running in the rain a little, but it's really no fun when it's also HOT, you are slogging through puddles, the rain is coming down in sheets, and your feet are slipping on pavement. One of my pairs of shoes has zero grip, creating cute funniest-home-video type scenes as a slide through mud into the street.
So. I'm over the rain. I want a nice, dry day for a run, even if the sun is beating down on me. Do you her me, Bob Breck? Thanks.


  1. COme to AZ. Actually can we trade? A week of rain sounds like something I'd ask for for my birthday. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, so miserable!! When it rains I wimp out and hit the treadmill. I'll never forget getting caught in a storm last summer and the rain was coming at me at an angle to where I could not breathe. Fingers crossed for sunny weather again!

  3. i got the poop from the king. nash says it's gonna start to dry up. word.

  4. Oh yuck... hot rain sucks. I am not a fan of running in the rain as the chances of chaffing are so much better when you are running in soggy clothes. And i am such a klutz, the chances of slipping/sliding all over the place are exponentially increased...

    Hope the sun comes out soon!

  5. honey i feel your pain! today was the first day of sunshine! it has been NON-STOP!

  6. So much to look forward to...4 months of straight rain. I'm not quite ready for it just yet, but I could take a few crisp fall mornings.