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Friday, September 10, 2010

Highs and Lows (STOLEN!)

I stole this idea from Becky because her blog has all the cute ideas.
Why don't you share this week's highs and lows...
1. At work?
2. In life?
3. In fitness, since it seems that everyone I know is running a marathon this fall?

Me first.
1. High: A simple (but, ahem, pushy) phone call landed our company a gigantic contract. I'm absolutely putting this on my resume! Plus I signed a flu shot clinic contract with a large university in my area. This would not be a big deal except that another pharmacist, who is notoriously competitive and a little annoying, sent out a district-wide email that basically said that I would never get this contract signed because I was foolish and inexperienced and that the university turned HER down so why would they sign for ME? So...I'm quietly whispering told ya so.
Low: After being closed for Labor Day we are SWAMPED at work and yesterday one of the techs mouthed off to me but I was too busy to handle it at the moment. I hate having to address issues at a later time, although perhaps it is good to allow her to cool off?
2. High: Hagan Daaz ice cream is 2/$5 this week. Swoon. The Saints won. Awesome. My little brother has his first cross country meet this Saturday. Hurray.
Low: I had to work for the Saints game and only caught the last 5 minutes. Boo. And I have been slaving away coordinating 180 volunteers for an event this weekend and it's been exhausting! I can't wait for it to just be over!
3. High: Only one more long run (20+) and then I start to taper!
Low: I have started to have slight nagging knee pain. It is probably a combination of increased mileage and my shoes beginning to wear (I have been so spoiled with three brand new pairs at once!). I don't want to decrease miles right now but I think I have to; after being almost lame all last winter I am pretty skittish. The good thing is that this is clearly runner's knee and nothing more serious. It's also bilateral which points to more mundane knee pain. I think I can handle it!

And now I leave you with two cute pictures. These pictures were taken by the staff photographer at my hubby's work when we ran the two mile fun run this summer. Look how hilarious - I look serious but barely sweating...and David looks like he's about to give up the ghost! I love him. He hates running so much but he'll do it just for me :)


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations on the awesomeness!!! I loved this post over at Becky's as well!! That's so sweet that he runs just for you!!

  2. Wow this is a very successful event. It seems that race is very interesting. The pictures and the post are the evidence.

  3. Those photos are awesome!! You sure look great for being in the middle of a run. I usually have the worst face in any photos of me taken during a race!

    Work Hi: Getting paid $10/file that I worked on during my OT hours on Wedneseday.
    Work Low: Getting annoyed with petty stuff at work that is way too boring to even attempt to explain...

    Fitness Hi: I had a fantastic 20 miler today.
    Fintess Low: My mid-week mileage was terrible. I had to cut a run short on Wed because it was getting too dark (had to work late that night). Then I had to skip Thur's run because I just could not find the energy to get out of bed after a night of terrible sleep.

    Well done on landing that contract! That other pharmacist sounds obnoxious

  4. Wahoo! You know I love me some high and lows! High for life right now: my birthday is in less than a week and I'm STOKED about it, plus my brother, sister-in-law, and niece are coming out here for Thanksgiving. This will be their first trip out here since she was born and I can't wait!

    Low: my stupid knee, and complaining about my knee. I feel like that's all I talk about anymore and I'm even annoying myself.

  5. woohoo on securing that contract..sorry you missed most of the was a GREAT way to start the season...

    take care to get thru that last long run..