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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long run FAIL prediction

I predict I'm about to go suck it miserably on my long run. Here's why:
1. I changed my work schedule around and dumped an important conference call on a colleague JUST so I could do this long run, so it's certain to fail.
2. The hubby forgot to turn the alarm on so I'm an hour and a half behind schedule.
3. I'll still be running past 10 am....major heat.
4. Pouring rain possible.
5. Cramps. (I don't even warn you when it's TMI anymore!)
6. Despite my injury-free training, my knee and shin are bothering me.
7. I have a bad attitude.
See you later to recap all this whining with tails of the real thing!


  1. Well I hope you surprise yourself and have an awesome run! I noticed some nice cool breezes at 8am two days in a row, so maybe the worst of the summer heat is behind us now! (I hope.)

  2. Just promise me when you set out you change #7 to a "moderately good" attitude and I guarantee you will rock it.

  3. Disagree. I think it'll be awesome.