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Monday, September 20, 2010

If it ain't broke....

This was the summer of broken things.
1. My microwave broke, and I replaced with a microwave that only had a high power setting. Every time I use it for more than 5 minutes it blows a fuse. We're going through several fuses a month. I finally learned to cook in 4-minute increments.
2. Our kitchen window unit had only blown warm air since I've lived here, greatly limiting my summer cooking options. Basically if it involved the oven or boiling water I couldn't cook it unless I was resigned to sweat the rest of the night. When the unit finally died (it was almost 30 years old) I was excited to have a shiny new replacement, our only unit with a thermostat! However, the new unit is so powerful that it blows food, newspaper, dust bunnies, even plastic utensils off our kitchen table. It cools plates of food in seconds. It's hurricane-force. If I'm slicing onions and it kicks on, onion bits scatter all over my floor. I've never seen anything like it. The strength of its gust (on low!) is destroying our morning newspaper and coffee tradition because I haven't got the strength to hold a paper open against its powerful blast.
But we're cooler.
3. We spent far too much time replacing a broken pedal on one of our Craig's List bikes. We had two, both $25 purchases that needed some TLC. After exhausting our supply of TLC and a tad too much money, the fixed bike was promptly stolen out of our very own back yard. Having this stolen from your yard is a New Orleans quality of life tax.
If I keep abreast of Craig's List ads I'm sure I can buy it back for another $25 sometime soon.
4. My car got hit in the parking lot at work (this is the third time it has been hit parked - probably because it is so small that large vehicles can't see it) and has to have the bumper removed and bent back into shape. As it turns out, when it was removed the mechanics saw that the last repair had been done incorrectly, leaving a crack when the entire bumper should have been replaced. Of course this repair was over a year ago and using a different insurer, so I'm pretty much stuck paying for it.
Good thing I paid off those loans, right?

In other news...
Work is insanely busy and I am perpetually exhausted.
My next marathon is in 11 days. !!!
The hubby ran TWELVE MILES Sunday and I am so proud of him! He went from the occasional 2-mile jog to long double digit runs in the course of this summer.
McIntosh apples finally showed up in my grocery store (they are what I miss the most about New England) and I've been eating four or five a day. It's an addiction.
I'm doing a flu shot clinic at a university tomorrow. Can't wait to stick needles in some of my old professors :)
What's going on for you this week? How's your Monday looking?


  1. Car repairs suck! It sucks even more when your poor car was just sitting there and now you have to deal with it. McIntosh apples are awesome but I can get them year round here (don't hate me). The ones that I get addicted to are Jonathan...OMG. I stopped at the orchard last week and got my first batch of them for the season, nothing better!

  2. rest up for your race!! :)

  3. Wow, your marathon is crazy close!!

    Wow, quite the summer of broken things/bad luck! I am kind of giggling when I am picture you & your husband sitting in your kitchen, attempting to read the paper w/ the gusts of air blowing at you... It's kind of funny to picture, but prob a bit annoying to deal with...

    This week is busy... I had a class last night, going to a Twins game tonight, going away happy hour tomorrow night, date on Friday night... plus running. Plus work. I way, way, way over booked myself!