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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My third knee

A month or so ago, I fell running and bruised my knees badly. While this picture shows most bruising on my right knee, it's my left knee that hasn't healed. Once the surface wounds closed, I was left with a big lump on my kneecap. It hurts, and I still can't really kneel on the knee. Plus, when I rub the surface of the kneecap, it's very coarse and crackly. It feels like sand or small gravel is sitting on top of my patella.
And annoying.

I think the big, rather hard lump of a third knee is a hematoma. My knee was bruised pretty badly, and I think this is how it healed. I know it will eventually break down and be reabsorbed into my body, but for now, it's just a weird blob. I still don't know what the rough, crackling feeling on the surface is. Often inflammation can feel this way, but I would think inflammation would affect my joint mobility, and it's fine. I just don't know.
Have you ever had a long after-effect from a skinned knee? A hematoma, or unidentified lump? Should I just keep ignoring this?


  1. I got a "nursemaid knee" just recently! It was also my left knee, and it looks similar to your picture, but it wasn't like the sand/gravel you described. Mine was from cleaning our hardwoods on my hands and knees all the time. I stopped kneeling and it improved. Hope yours will too!

    1. Did it hurt a lot to kneel, if you don't mind my asking?

    2. Yes it did! I couldn't clean the floors or do any exercises where I had to kneel on it for about 2 weeks. I was considering seeking treatment but it went away on its own!

  2. When my niece got her 5 year needle for MMR she ended up with a lump in her deltoid that lasted for a couple of years. It was really weird but I'm pretty sure it's gone now that she's 27.

  3. Not to the knee, but my son had some bone bruising near the ankle and 2 years later he still has a bump on the side of his leg. He hates it, but doctors said to ignore it.