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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wrinkled linen night

Same dress, almost every year. It always gets packed for the winter and comes out a wrinkled disaster that no iron can conquer.
As White Linen Night grows, we are less and less likely to see any art. The crowds are too big to fit in some galleries, and frankly, some of the art they display for the open is particularly bad. I'm not saying bad as in, "Not my taste", I'm saying bad as in, "You have no talent." It happens! Although I do admire the young entrepreneur, faking "artist" well enough to get into a gallery.

Most of the fun of White Linen Night is running into friends. This year the highlight was capping the night off with cocktails at the Windsor Court with - of all people - David's old babysitter! Twins, a boy and a girl, used to come over to watch "Baby Davie", as they called him, a good forty years ago. Now, this babysitter is married with his own kids, but he remembers lots of escapades with Baby Davie! It was such fun to hear them reminisce.


  1. Good to see you posting. I was getting a little worried about you with the flooding in Louisiana. Stay safe. You look cute in White Linen. I shy away from white and linen. It's not the most forgiving fabric/color combination

    1. We're well-safe from flooding, but the poor central area of the state is in terrible trouble. It's like a replay of Katrina! I feel so bad for all these people - especially Baton Rouge. They had the unrest and rioting and killings earlier in the summer, and now this.

  2. That's a cute dress, wrinkled or not!

  3. That dress is so cute! It's impossible to keep linen from getting wrinkled, or to iron it, so I guess we just have to accept that it will be wrinkled.