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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Marathon training, week 8

Training for Twin Cities Marathon, October 9:

Monday: Speedwork. 10 total. This was done late on Monday because of work travel.
Tuesday: Off.
Wednesday: 11 total with 9 at tempo: 7:12, 7:10, 7:07, 7:11, 7:10, 7:07, 7:16, 7:06, 7:11. Don't let the faster-than-usual paces fool you: I took two water breaks and this felt really, really hard.
Thursday: 10 easy. My quads were killing me! I did an Iron Strength workout on Tuesday night, the backbone of which is jump squats, and DOMS set in Wednesday night. Every step of this run was like knives in my thighs.
Friday: 6 total. For this cut-back week, I got two easy 6 mile days, which were really nice. The weather was nice, too - just 83F and breezy!
Saturday: 10 at 7:44 pace. I have been doing most of my runs in a jog bra this summer, because I don't want to die before my 34th birthday, but the relative cool (80F at the start!) this weekend meant I wore a shirt. Except when the sun came out, I ditched it - I folded it neatly and placed it in a hollow trunk up on the fly. When I returned for it after a short loop, it was gone! I saw a crew of janitors and stopped and asked them - sure enough, they'd picked it up with the trash and threw it out! Oh well, guess I need to run more races and get more shirts!
Sunday: 6 easy.

Total: 53 miles.

One thing I've really been slacking on is my strength over the past few weeks. I can tell, too, because the Iron Strength workout really killed my legs! That's a wake-up call to fit more strength in (in all my free time, haha).
I still feel like Hanson's is making me tired and slow. Hm. Not the goal, people, not the goal.

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  1. That's a bummer that your shirt got thrown away! Although I have to imagine you've got a huge collection of them given all the races you've ran. But it's still crappy to lose a shirt!

    Nice work on another strong week of training!! I hope you start to feel less tired soon. It's tough to feel that way when you are training so hard!