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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dirty linen night

I like dirty linen night so much better than white linen night. For one thing, I wore this:
Just kidding. That was actually art in a gallery!
Dirty Linen Night is on Royal Street, so it's both a little more funky than White Linen Night AND a little cut above as far as art goes. Julia Street is mostly galleries of new or current artists, but many galleries on Royal are art dealers, and some sell Picassos, Warhols, and even Rembrandts.

We finished our stroll through the galleries with dinner at the Pelican Club, which has become a tradition. We love taking advantage of the August pre fixe Coolinary menu! I had an appetizer of homemade fettuccine with short ribs and a seared tuna entree that I couldn't finish (the portions at Pelican Club are unusually large for a fine dining restaurant). We gave up on dessert and brought it home - it was just too much.

My favorite piece this year was the dress pictured above. I know that my interest in sewing and crafting colors my perception of textiles as art, but this embroidery was truly beautiful. Other pieces in the gallery featured more embroidery, all of nature (for some reason, lots of rabbits), and it was quite impressive.

That's our last outing for awhile. Another school session starts soon, and I think it will keep me busy: I'm taking two of the most time-consuming courses at once. The last session, with just one (easy) class, had me spoiled!

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  1. Wow that dress is gorgeous!! It's cool that NOLA has such a thriving art scene. There's an area of NE Minneapolis that has some galleries but I have never checked it out so we should do that some time.

    And that's awesome that the fine dining restaurant you went to had big portions. That's my biggest beef with 'fancier' places as the cost/bite ratio can be quite high!!