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Friday, September 2, 2016

Another Wal-mart review: Booty shorts

You know how much I love to splurge on Wal-mart running clothes, like these $12 leggings, these $3 shorts, and my favorite $11 two-pack of bras.
Today's review is of the Avia Women's Active 3" Captivate Training Shorts, for the low, low price of $9.86. Or maybe it's for the Avia Women's Active 3" Inseam Short, which is only $6 right now (!!!), because as I discovered, Wal-mart is either greatly confused or considers them interchangeable. I ordered two of the first item, but I got one of each item, going by the description of the fabric content (neither was on sale at the time, though, or I'd be clamoring for my $3.86 back).
From Wal-mart's website

I decided it was time to throw caution, decency, and self-respect to the wind and invest in some booty shorts for summer running. I just could not take any more sweat-soaked flapping fabric - or sweat-soaked bunching fabric creating horrid chafing. So, after reading reviews of $50 nike shorts and $40 Road Runner Sports shorts, I turned to Wal-mart.
I bought two pairs of shorts, one black with "wine" (dark maroon) and one a weird green pattern.
So, here are my thoughts.

1. They fit well and don't ride up. They do not offer a lot of compression, if that's what you are going for (I'm not), but they stay put.
2. They don't bag out or become see-through when soaked in sweat. Yay!
3. They have a key pocket in the waistband, and it's a nice, big one, too. Even a big car key stays put.
Waistband, with inner pocket and reflective detail on back
1. High waist. These hit an inch below my belly button, which means they press on my tummy, which...isn't always a good thing.
2. Most shorts of this style do not have an internal elastic - rather, the fabric itself is elasticized, and the waistband fabric is cut on the bias or on the cross-grain to enhance elasticity. However, these shorts have an internal elastic at the top of the waistband. I don't have any complaints yet, but I can foresee this elastic twisting and curling after multiple washes.

Of interest, as I mentioned above, the two pairs I ordered are actually different composition:
Polyester versus nylon
In reality, the black/wine shorts, containing mostly nylon, should have been listed under the second link - the $6 sale pair. But what I ordered were two pairs of mostly polyester, according to the item description.

At a recent trip to Target I was concerned to see these shorts on the clearance rack for $8. Did I overspend buying Wal-mart shorts?! But no. Something major is missing from the Target pair: no pocket!
Not a deal. No pocket. 

My overall opinion? Great buy for the price. Go get some.


  1. I love your reviews of Walmart and Target style running clothes! Thanks for keeping it real and focusing on your sport rather than wearing the latest Lululemon, Athleta, or whatever brand is in style right now. Almost all my shorts are from the Nike Outlet when there's an additional 30% off but I have some stuff from Target and Walmart too. If it fits and works, that's what counts... and I love that these shorts have a pocket! Even the more expensive Nike and Under Armour ones don't... why spend MORE on a pair of shorts that's less funcitonal?

  2. I wear booty shorts all summer (while running...only) and LOVE them. So much better than shorts. My favorite is still a pair of yoga shorts from Target from about seven years ago.

  3. I love your reviews as well! I am rather thrifty and it's good to know that you can find quality sports apparel at WalMart. I bought some of my best pieces from Superstore, a local supermarket.

  4. Gracie,

    great review! Thanks for sharing! Would it ok for oyu if I linked to it on my blog ?


  5. Ha, I love it. I'm not a big booty-shorts person (for some reason they nearly always ride up...I gave up), but my favourite pairs are a couple of Mizunos I bought for $10 at a discount shop. They don't chafe, and if I'm only going 6 miles, why spend more? Otherwise, my summer running uniform is random race tank + Roga shorts (3 pairs purchased prior to 2013 are still going strong, and I wear each probably once a week 40 weeks a year).

  6. Well I loved reading your blog!! Thanks for sharing reviews here but I wear mesh leggings during my workout and best part is that they are not see through even after lot of sweating. Leggings fits well and are affordable too. What you say?