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Friday, February 17, 2012

What I actually wore

For Valentine's Day I skipped the frumpy and wore a black wrap dress. I bought this dress to wear on a date with David...about seven years ago! It's plain, but it does the trick.
Ugh, David cut off my shoes in the picture. So like a man.  FYI they were black peep-toe heels with a slight hidden platform.

This picture is highlighting my large calves. That reminds me that my calves are SORE. Stiff, sore, and heavy! On Monday the running group had a guest coach, Boo Schexnayder (There is this thing Cajuns do where they replace a perfectly normal first name with a nonsense syllable, for example, "Boo") who coaches at LSU. He was sweet, smart, and helpful - but his rather extensive warm-up exercises included lots of skipping movements that apparently use muscles I usually ignore. I woke up sore the next morning! All week I've been feeling muscle fatigue. I'm hoping my legs feel better for Saturday's long run.

Oh, and what else did we do Valentine's Day? Went to Coquette, one of my favorite restaurants, and indulged in the tasting menu. Heavenly! Then I indulged further by ordering off-menu for a specialty cocktail we had there last year - the Gold Rush, a spicy drink featuring JalapeƱo tequila. It was amazing, and worth the $10 price tag the bar tender arbitrarily assigned it (I am aware that $10 is standard for cocktails in some neighborhoods, but in New Orleans it's basically highway robbery).
Hm, it appears that I overcame my horror at eating these beauties and managed to polish one off. 
Then we read mushy cards to each other and traded candy. I got David big bags of cheap candy that I will eat and he got me a box of twelve miniature works of art that are too pretty to bite. This is why I will eat his heart-shaped Reeses.

If you had a choice, would you rather get a few nice, high quality chocolates? Or a 5-lb bag of your favorite candy bar minis? 
I have to be honest here. I think I'd go for a giant bag of Kit-Kats or Reeses!


  1. I would get the nice quality candy for vanity, but in reality I would eat a 5lb. bag of almond m&ms or reeses pieces.

  2. I would rather have the nice candy - just because I buy the big cheap bags on my own anyway!

  3. I like that dress! It looks great and you should be VERY happy that it still fits after 7 years!

    I prefer one bar of extra dark cacao. I don't really like sweets though so I probably only eat about that much a year anyway!

  4. No choice at all with the candy. It's quality over quantity every time.

  5. Love your dress! I'm a big fan of wrap dresses, but can't seem to find one that fits my proportions. Short waisted, but long legs and just falls right.

  6. First of all... look at you! all fancied up.

    Second... NINE, you have eight brothers/sisters/half whatever. WOW.

    Third..(from a few posts ago - I'm an efficient commentor) that is so interesting about your ring. I've lost too much weight since I was married so mine already flies off. I can't get it resized because of the way it is built. :(

    lastly, i LOVE those designer chocs. Amazing.

  7. Love your little black dress!! Personally, I love being all dressed up and having sore legs from a killer workout or race. It makes me feel like I may "look" feminine and sweet but on the inside I'm a running machine!

    As for the chocolate- high quality always outranks the cheap stuff. The one exception I make is around Christmas when I get a little carried away with the dollar chocolate covered cherry boxes. Those things are cheap and SO unbelievably good!!

  8. You look smokin'! Hope you're feeling tip top really soon Gracie! Sore calves and sickness be gone! I ink I'd like the high quality. But I do like milky way and twix but if I had a big bag then I'd probably eat it all at once and be sick.

  9. That dress looks great on you!!

    I think I would prefer some reese's peanut butter cups, honestly. Alot of those specialty chocolates tend to have fruit filling and I do NOT like fruit filling. It they were all filled w/ caramel or a ganache, then sign me up!