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Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to the third generation!

Remember my dear sweet hubby replacing the screen on his old ipod so I could use it? Well, it's finally ready for use!
It turns out that once you open these suckers they don't really like to fit back together. So we did what anyone would do: smeared epoxy in the seams and clothes-pinned the pieces together until the glue set. I'm hoping this has created a water-resistant seal. It definitely isn't pretty.
If you look closely you can see an errant smear of epoxy.
I had to buy a new armband, since the third generation is square and my first generation was rectangular, and I got this Griffin model for under $4, shipping included. It was new in box WITH a pair of ear buds! Yay Ebay! Unfortunately, it's pink. I know I am a girl and therefore obligated by the contract I signed with our culture in utero to adore pink, but the truth is, there are very few shades of pink I like. Hot pink is distinctly not one of them. However, as you might have noticed, I care more about being cheap than looking good, so pink it is! much did this repair job cost?
1 replacement screen: $27
1 tool to open ipod, which we didn't use: $6 - but we returned this as we were able to use other tools to get the job done.
1 tube of epoxy: $5 - but we already owned this.
1 new armband: $3.65
13 man-hours of labor at my asking price, to pry apart the front and back pieces*: $702

So there you have it. A new ipod costs a $160. This one cost $743.65.

*I think Apple should make our troops' body armor.


  1. You have quite the hourly rate. Glad you were able to rig something up. I am curious as to what you are saving for if you're so intent on not-spending! I'm a saveaholic myself. Josh showed me how much we spent in all of 2011 (via Mint) and I was shocked. It sure adds up! He tries to tell me that most people spend 80% more of their income and we are not spending nearly that much, but it still looks painful.

  2. This is so funny Gracie. Definitely a more complicated way of doing things. :) And thanks for all your awesome comments lately. Always nice ot hear from you.

  3. I am glad you were able to fix it - and find a cheap armband!

    I have never had trouble w/ any of my ipods! My 2006 one has started to putter out, but still works, and the other 2 work great!

  4. I'm with you on the pink thing -- never liked it much. Hard to avoid at times though.

  5. Ha!!! At least you got a good deal on the armband and ear buds!!

  6. Pull out a Sharpie and color it purple or black!