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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's your Body Age? Mental Age?

Why is it that I find a comic strip about two old people so apropos of my life?
This could definitely happen in my kitchen.
The sad truth is, hubby and I are getting older. I can tell. Besides our similarity to comic strip old people, we are starting to do things like go to bed early and read the newspaper.
According to a test on WikiHow, which is a reliable font of knowledge since anyone who can wield a keyboard can throw their two cents in, my body age is 20. This is very close to my actual age of 21.
But what about my mental age? I mean, I know I feel old, but do I act old? I decided to create my own mental age test.
Just take your age and add or subtract years based on your answers.

1. I clip coupons:
a. Never, mommy buys all my food for me (-4)
b. ?! You can't clip Groupons, you just print them out (-3)
c. If they are for items I buy (0)
d. Religiously (+2)
e. Every Sunday, and then I tuck them into one of those coupon sorters that are specially designed to slow down supermarket lines (+ one decade)

2. I typically drive ____ mph _____ the speed limit
a. 21, over (-as many years as required to make you 16)
b. 19, over ...duh, if you're going 20 over you can go to jail (-4)
c. 0-5, over (0)
d. 15, under (+8)
e. I don't care what the speed limit is. 35 is my max speed (+12)

3. The last time I ate at a buffet was:
a. Does the school cafeteria count? at lunch (-5)
b. Does the college cafeteria count? at lunch (-3)
c. That stupid sushi over-eating fest last year. Mistake. (0)
d. Last Friday over at Picadilly's. Mimi and I always meet there at 4:30 pm for girls' night. (+8)

4. My idea of a night on the town is:
a. Having my parents drive me to the dollar movies (-6)
b. Sorority party!! Complete with high pitched squealing at all hours of the night and sugary drinks in Solo cups!!!! (-4)
c. Booze and live music at a classy bar (0)
d. Wine and cheese in front of Frasier re-runs (+5)
e. Taking the senior transport bus to the casino (+10)

5. Whenever I see kids playing ball in the street, I:
a. Intercept the ball and run for a touch down! (-3)
b. Kind of wish I was playing (-2)
c. Drive around them (0)
d. Tell them to get out of the street, they might get run over, and if they don't I'll tell their mom (+2)
e. Beat them with my cane (+3)

6. My hips:
a. Don't lie (-1)
b. Reflect my love for cheese (0)
c. Are titanium (+1)

7. I take ____vitamins
a. Gummy (-3)
b. Zero - I am indestructible (-1)
c. A multi (0)
d. Seventeen different, including those special fish oil capsules that were buy one, get one free last week at Walgreens (+2)

8. My phone:
a. Is paid for by my daddy (-3)
b. Was the free one that came with the contract (-1)
c. Is touch-screen (0)
d. Plugs into the wall (+5)

So, how's you score? What's your body age? And what's your mental age?


  1. Awesome post!!! I feel like I'm the same since college, everyone else is just younger. I turn 37 soon and I feel exactly like your post.

  2. totally bookmarking the Wiki site for reference after i push this kid out... either way, i feel 'older' though and i always have. when i was younger, i never hung out with kids my age. my mental age is 28 - 2 years over my original age. :)

  3. This is funny! I took your test and got mostly C's, so I guess my mental age is very similar to my real age. However, I know what you mean about "going to bed early"; I have been doing that since my 20s! So I guess I am older than my years in that aspect.

  4. body age :32 my real age is 43
    mental 48

    not so bad!!!
    I'll take it!!

  5. I think my mental age is close to my real age according to this test... I have always felt older, but I feel like as I age, I catch up with my mental age (which make sense, I suppose).

  6. I'm just old in general, both physically & mentally. And I have the wrinkles to prove it! The husband laughs if I fall asleep before 9, but it happens - a lot!

  7. Sweet! My body is younger, and my mind is right where it's supposed to be! (Isn't that what every adult dreams of - To have all the knowledge they have in their 30s-40s-50s, but the body they had in their 20s?)

  8. I got zero points for everything but the vitamin question. I prefer gummies! But I am sorta old.

  9. I thought the rule was 10 over the speed limit? Does that make me old?

    #5. Hahaha. I get easily irritated at the kids playing bc they usually end up in my yard for some reason. +3, if not more.

    Mentally I'm 35.
    Bodily I'm 32.
    Umm I was born in the mid-80's. I'm not aging well!! :(