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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cheap Date Wednsday: Dirty Linen Night

It's too late for you to take advantage of Dirty Linen Night this year, but I'll give it a shout-out anyway since you can do nearly the same thing on any given weekday by roaming the French Quarter for open galleries. Dirty Linen night is the quarter's answer to Julia Street's uppity White Linen night. True to its roots, it's funkier and boozier (most galleries were serving alcohol) and the entertainment is the same old street performers who are out every night.
Always get the seafood martini at the Pelican Club, especially if you try the COOLinary menu.
 David and I enjoyed dinner at the Pelican Club, taking advantage of the summer COOLinary menus, then walked the quarter and looked at art. The galleries in the quarter are a mix of older art bought by dealers and sold in galleries, plenty of tourist-bait "art", and some original artists with showings (Julia Street is almost entirely shows by local artists). It's a different vibe, too - more relaxed, more drinking and eating, more varied clothes.
Including red dresses. Dirty Linen fell on the same day as the red dress run, and plenty of guys and gals in red dresses were still on the streets.

I'm a wimp so I only have shots of back views!
 David and I rarely brave the French Quarter, but some of the art was inspiring. This trip made me decide to make these visits more frequently. After all, some people take vacations here just for the quarter! I suppose I should appreciate it. Where else can you see men in red dresses asking their friends if they have panty lines?


  1. I swear, no matter how much I think I know about New Orleans, there's always some festival or event that I haven't heard about before. Thanks for the tip!

  2. This is so neat! I wished I was there for the red dress run, that sounded so cool!

  3. dirty linen and the red dress run were a blast this year! i had a ball!