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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly Putty Queen

I would like to publicly* announce that I am the Silly Putty queen.
A little bas-relief smirk
This guy looks like one of my customers. Hope he doesn't read my blog.
 And that my husband is husband of the year for bringing me home a little egg of the stuff to play with. I love him.

Random running crap giveaway winners were selected by asking my husband to pick numbers. 
Momma on the Run, you got yourself a very used Spibelt.
Nelly, you may now learn to run like a Chi, as long as you ignore coffee stains on the pages.
Julie from Trailing Along, you can be as confused as I was by the Runner's World book.

Please email me your mailing addresses at
And yes, I'm using one of my work emails so if any psychos read this they can only stalk me at work and not my safe and cozy home.

*Every time I type the word "public" I am scared I'll type "pubic" and my spell-check will not catch it.


  1. You really shouldn't show those putty masks in pubic.

  2. Those masks are scary. The second one totally looks like someone I know.

  3. love me some silly putty!!!

  4. i hope these winners appreciate their sweet gifts.

    your artistic talents are being wasted in the pharmacy! although i guess you are finding inspiration for your art while at work...

    and i once cut jeans into a skirt (men's jeans, so they were longer than crotch length) but didn't do it straight... plus $11, i was willing to splurge. but i have always wanted to diy some shorter jean shorts... maybe next summer if i can bring myself to destroy a pair of jeans.