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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August humidity

Pretty much every run starts like this:
Like my husband's classy bike seat cover?

And ends more like this:
Blazing sun!

The strange thing is that those dark, overcast skies are much harder to run under. It's so muggy and humid I struggle to breathe, and when the sun rises and burns off some of the moisture I actually grow more comfortable. The hard part about running in the deep south is that there really is no break from the hot temps. Even when we have a "good" year like this one (by that I mean no record breaking heat), our heat is so consistent throughout the day that there just isn't a cool morning or evening time to run. For example, this morning I would have had to start my run at 3:00 to save 2 degrees F temperature, but the humidity would have been exactly the same.
It sucks.


  1. Isn't Louisiana much like Houston. Muggy is only news when it's NOT muggy! Just remember that all that sweating is good for your skin!

  2. Ugh--I definitely understand this! I try to run early to avoid the heat, but at nearly 80 degrees and 100% humidity--what difference does it make?! I just keep saying that it will make us stronger runners in the end...

  3. I feel ya! I remember that. It sucks! I used to try to run early but it didn't really help.

    I am having the same problem in MO. It's not quite as muggy, but when the temps drop to 90, I am ecstatic!

  4. That is precisely why I could never live in th esouth! When we had a stretch of weather when the humidity would not break, I about lost my mind. I think it's worse than our crazy cold weather!

  5. Yeah, I always want to slap the people around who say "get up early to avoid the heat". Umm, it just can't be avoided. Period.

    Nice bike seat cover for sure. So couture.