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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whitney White Linen Night

Well, we did it again: got seduced into attending White Linen Night, aka The Great New Orleans Sweat Stain Rodeo.
I think this time we kind of got it right: we staged a car downtown early in the day to set up a quick get-away, then took the streetcar later that day. We came prepared with a chilled bottle of white wine, a grapefruit-club soda concoction,  and cups (usually lines for refreshments are tragically long, but this year the process seemed smoother, so we might skip the BYOB next time).
Hiding behind the Monster van pouring our drinks

We made sure we were early enough to see some of the galleries before the crowds were too large. We ran into oodles of friends, as usual, and left before the streets were too packed and warm. I ordered sushi take out and we picked it up on the way home so we could enjoy something light to snack on.
Look at all the white people!

The sushi was an afterthought, but the original plan was to have ice cream at the house, and we made sure we ate the ice cream, too. It was welcome after a long warm evening!
Abe shaved his head. Dig the scalp sunburn!
Oh and of course, must do a white linen outfit review:

I bought a frumpy tube top dress for cheap and folded it over to cute it up, and added color with turquoise canvas wedges and mother of pearl and crystal jewelry. And then I carried a turquoise book around with me all night because it matched so well.


  1. Audrey Hepburn, anyone???
    You look stunning. :)

  2. Looked great! Cute shoes! xoxo from Trinidad

  3. I love the outfit!! You look awesome and can really wear white well!!

  4. You look so pretty in the white dress! I saw posters for linen party--didn't know what it was but so cool now to understand!