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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Giveaway of running crap

You might have noticed that I don't do blog giveaways. This is because companies who have things to give away look at my esoteric lifestyle and decide that I'm a bad brand ambassador. Then they look at the six people who read this blog and decide a give away isn't worth six new customers anyway.
But today I'm giving away some old crap I don't want.
1. First there's this book.

I bought this book because the tagline says, "The ultimate eating plan that will make every runner (and walker) leaner, faster, and fitter." Who doesn't want to be leaner, faster, and fitter? I bought this when I was forming some race goals and decided that ambitious race times meant I needed to watch my diet and weight more closely. This book seemed to have just the eating plan I needed to maintain my weight and keep a good ratio of lean muscle to body fat.
It doesn't. It's more of a diet book in the sense of weight loss than a what-to-eat guide for runners. I should have read more than just the title.
I think it is appropriate for people planning to use running to aid weight loss, especially new or returning runners. A lot of it is good info, it just doesn't apply to me.

2. The second piece of crap sitting in my house taking up room is this Spibelt. I bought it on Ebay, so it's twice-used. I wore it once, for a marathon, and I hated it. It just felt weird to me. Like running in a belt. Because it was running in a belt.

3. And another book. I bought this used, too, back when I had runner's knee. This is way back, more than a year ago, before I caught on to the fact that I should be in a neutral shoe and the guys at my local running store were kind but mistaken. I thought Chi running would fix my knees, but honestly it just takes too much effort. I don't like thinking about my running or thinking about my form - it takes all the fun out of running and I run primarily for enjoyment.
The yellow page edges are courtesy of spilled coffee. Librarians hate me.
So, how to get one of these gems?
1. Follow the blog, obviously, I'm not giving my high quality used books away to complete strangers.
2. Tell me which item you want.

If more than one person wants an item I'll have to do a random drawing, so I guess you have until August 31st. 


  1. I follow your blog obviously, and would love to try out that Spibelt. I was thinking about using it for my marathon, but I just don't want to spend a ton of money unless I know it will work for me.
    I'm also a sucker for any/all books about running.

  2. I follow your blog and would love to read either book. Like Vanessa, I'm a total sucker for all running reading material. :)

  3. I follow but don't want anything - apparently I'm low-maintenance.

  4. I follow! I would be in for the chi running.

  5. I'm not entering b/c I already have a spibelt I don't use and although your book reviews made the books seem SO intriguing...well, I'll pass.

    But I did want to say how much I love you and your candid, real approach in your writing!!!

  6. I follow your blog! Put me down for either book, I've always wanted to read Chi Running.

  7. Haha. Wow, you make it sound so fun! "giving away some crap I don't want"!! Hahaha. I follow your blog, obviously. I live a very spartan lifestyle and don't really need any of that stuff...but I just wanted to say thanks for offering!

  8. Holy hell, this is the best blog giveaway of all time. I freaking hate the ones that are all "Follow me, link to me on your blog, follow me on Twitter, retweet this post, tweet your face off, like whatever piece of junk I am giving away on Facebook, friend me on Facebook and send me $4.56 for shipping."
    I want the belt thing. Mostly because I will never follow a diet and because I already read chi running.

  9. Lol. You have such a great sense of humor. I'd love to try out the Spibelt. I have medication I need to bring with me when Running and, it might be useful. Instead of carrying it in my sports bra. Lol. I feel the same way you do about Chi running it seems like too much work. I like to run free and just de-stress.

    Btw, I follow your blog! Thanks for giving away your crap!