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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer beach days.

I can't wait for summer to end. I don't like the weather here in New Orleans in the summer at all, and I pine for crisp New England autumn days. For all I care we could just skip summer.
My little nephew Lüc and I in Waveland, MS
 But maybe I could just keep those days at the beach playing with the nephews. I mean, that's pretty cute. I'd hate to miss out on those witty bitty baby goggles.

What's your least favorite season?


  1. I didn't know we have seasons in Houston...

  2. Oh... I know what you mean! I grew up in New England (autumn!), then moved to San Diego. February is the BEST month there! But heck, it's 65 degrees year round there, who am I kidding?

    Now that I live on the Gulf Coast I find the summers oppressive. Nothing gets completely dry, and you get mosquito bites just walking from your front door to you car door. You know it's too hot when you can't be on the beach at noon, for fear of heat stroke just sitting still. *Sigh* At least autumn is coming soon! :)

  3. As a New Orleans native now living in Tampa I agree with you! I can barely tolerate summer. I swear I am moving North every year. Plus there is the constant threat of hurricanes. Fall is my favorite but still think the Northeast has it better.

  4. I really don't like summer at all, haven't since school days when summer meant freedom. It's too hot, I'm not a beach person, I get sunburned easily...I am dreaming of fall weather, football, pumpkins, scarves, boots, tights, and running in long sleeves!!

  5. I can't imagine running in the heat the way you do!!! I am such a wimp I go to the gym for the treadmill if it's over 90. SUCH a cutie pie!!!! Great picture!!!

  6. Winter. Where I live now doesn't have AS harsh of winters as where I grew up but up here in Canada winter ALWAYS seems to drag on. Where I grew up there was snow on the ground for 6+ months of the year. Ya, no thanks.

    Fall is my #1 favourite season followed closely by summer!

  7. least favorite the dreaded WINTER! blech!

    love me some summer in new orleas.. i know, i'm a weird-o. :-)

    love the pic! adorable!


  8. That is a great pic! I like our summers here, so long as it doesn't get too humid. Lately it's been just perfect. 80s with little humidity. Love it!

    My fave season is probably fall, though.

  9. Okay first off, LOVE that picture! And I agree, summer is something I'd be okay with skipping altogether - I'm a fall girl through and through!