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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A week in bullet points

- I carried my Gu's (and 2 granola bars) in my jog bra for the Mardi Gras marathon, with disastrous results. I chaffed so severely that I actually have a patch of bleeding, lacerated flesh that makes showering, wearing clothes, or moving painful. I am in the process of patenting a pocket jog bra, so don't steal the idea.
- Someone called in at work every day this week. I am the lone consistency at that place.
- Hello, humidity, can't say I missed you.
- I really appreciated the Tulane guys who called out "Nice pace" while I was running Friday. That was nice!
- I just remembered that I own a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans that I bought on Ebay for $4 (Ebay tip: don't always search by size; inexperienced sellers don't always enter a size so few people find the item and bid on it) but are kind of winter weight. Therefore I saved them to wear this winter. Except I forgot all about them.
- The Rock N Roll people mistakenly put another runner's name under my brothers time and bib number, which is freaking me out since Abe needs that time to be corrected so he can use it for NAIA nationals. They also included FOUR other people in his race pictures, all of whom were running the half marathon. And his finish line video cuts off before he gets to the finish line. They had it out for him (he doesn't care about any of this stuff but he did email the directors for a time correction since he needs that).
- For Valentine's Day David didn't get me a store bought card, but wrote a message on a blank card instead. It was so much sweeter and I love it!
- My disgusting slob neighbor (the one who grills in his living room and has a bedside toilet on his front porch) is moving out in April! I am going to throw him a going away party! In the middle of the night with loud music, since that seems to be the thing to do in our neighborhood!
- I made some adorable Valentine kisses from a recipe I found here. They were way easier to make than I thought they'd be; I printed some paper tags that said "Happy Valentine's day" on thin parchment for an authentic look. I brought some to work and they were a big hit! (hint - use cheap aluminum foil, dull-side out, to wrap. It looks more like real kisses wrappers)
- My brother Nate lost my phone number when  his phone died last year Rather than re-enter mine (which I've emailed him several times), whenever he calls he just calls David then asks to speak to me. That boy is crazy.
- My brother Abe died his hair black to be in a student film about Asian Americans. Except his hair is curly. He's not pulling it off very well.
- My left eye started to twitch during the final miles of the marathon Sunday and IT HASN'T STOPPED YET. To the dude waiting in line at Pj's, I wasn't winking at you, I promise.
- I altered a pair of pants before work on Wednesday. I worked all day without realizing I forgot to trim my threads and was dangling about 15" of gray thread from my leg.
- I'm half-way through my second block of Cabbot's habenero cheese. Someone please take this away from em.


  1. This was just too much fun to read!!! That is horrible about Abe's incorrect time recording, that can't be easy to get them to fix, at all!!!
    SO sweet that David wrote the card just for you!!

  2. Grilling in the living room? When did you start importing Texans?

  3. That chaffing does not sound cool but I'll buy the bra when it's ready. $4 for Seven for All Mankind Jeans!!!!! Seriously, I will pay you to shop for me. Ditto on Jamoosh's comment about grilling in the living room. Hopefully they get all the drama from the race straightened out for your brother...YIKES that is annoying. Eye twitching? Sounds like you need the Habenero cheese so just enjoy it :)

  4. There were so many awesome things in this list I don't know where to start! Dyed asian hair, horrible skin injuries (ouch!), slob neighbors moving - fabulous!

  5. nice randomness. what your brother did sounds like something i would do. entering a phone number is just too laborious :) i tried putting gu's in the little pocket in nike tempo shorts... chafage all over my hip, not fun.