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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kick-off meeting

Crappy picture.
Today and tomorrow I have regional meetings to kick off a big new program in our area. It's exciting, because I'm the clinical lead. I get to tell people what to do! It also means I get to wear big girl clothes instead of "business casual" (read: shoes I can stand up in all day). I decided to wear peep toes so everyone will ask me about my black toenail and I can tell them about the last marathon (although actually the black toenail is from The Wall 30k, so that would be a falsehood).
Obviously this picture shows nothing, but I have a black tank with black and silver beads/chains layered necklace and a black blazer with brown wool slacks.
What are you wearing today?


  1. wooweee! congrats! hey, how do I get the training widget!?

  2. Looks good! I am wearing black slacks, a fun-patterned/ruffly top and a blue cardigan! Kind of boring :)

  3. Looks great - love the open toed shoes! Can't wait for it to warm up here so I can bust those out....

    Today it was above freezing so I wore a cute black/gray plaid dress with a grey cardigan, blakc tights, and black pumps. I love wearing dresses but only wear them when it's not too col because I have to wait outside for my bus each day...

  4. You look gorgeous! Today I wore a black shirt dress with black tights and ankle boots and a long gray cardigan.

  5. you're so fit wow! i hate running i just play heaps of team sports to stay fit. i bet you killed your meeting! :) x