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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wall 30k race review

For some reason this race is always held on the grayest day in January. Last year it was bitterly cold; this year it was humid and rainy.
Destrehan, Louisiana: "We have a big bridge".
The race is supposed to be timed as a training long-run before the Mardi Gras marathon, but this year I think it is a little close - just two weeks prior.There is also a 10k option.
It's a cheap race - $20 - and you get some kind of souvenir (last year it was a beer glass; this year it was a drawstring backpack). It is held in Destrehan on the levee, which means it is a straight out and back with a few rolling hills and generally some stiff breezes. The course is nothing awesome. You can see the Mississippi River, but the view is partially blocked by industrial plants and tankers loading up. It's not really a pretty place. Some areas are stinky with chemicals or partially fermented grains being loaded into huge ships. There aren't any spectators since it's on a levee in the middle of nowhere, but you do get to see other runners since it's out-and-back.
There is water and Gatorade on the course, and this year there was also a Gu stop, which I think was a fantastic addition.
After the race, there's beer, CheeWees, red beans and rice, and fruit. Pretty decent spread.
Post-race party...under the interstate overpass. Nice.
The awards are bricks! Abe asked, "Do you think these are from the actual wall?"
Carrying a brick home is very awkward.
I found this amusing but the girl we were talking to didn't get it at all and we had to explain at length that this was a joke.
So overall, a good race for the price. I liked that there wasn't ANOTHER T-shirt; I like the small size, and I like the low price. I think it's worth it.


  1. LOVE the brick ;) and the fact that they gave out something other than a shirt! I am starting to be a bit OD-ed on race shirts (although... the long sleeve tech shirts are amazing).

  2. i have a zillion shirts. i love what they did. i wish more organizers would do this.

    congrats, seesta!

  3. Termite - That's why I recommend this race, actually! That and adding in the Gu stop. Otherwise it would get low marks for being BORING.