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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Creepy people live in Boston

I've run Boston qualifying times (um...current standards and 2013 standards) and I'm still not going to that race. Why? Because my husband's "friend" lives there and this dude is a mooch. If I go to Boston I will be forced to visit his alcoholic self and his green-card seeking wife and their debt, deals, pyramid schemes, veiled insults, and freeloaded meals. This man is a con. And he annoys me. So. Whatever creative registering scheme they come up with and however long they ignore the gender gap, I am not planning on registering because I don't feel like getting talked into eating at an expensive restaurant and getting the "Oh, I forgot my wallet" speech again.
P.S. Really I'm not running it because hills kick my booty.


  1. I don't like running hills but where I live they can't be avoided. However, my hills are nothing compared to Boston!!! This post totally made me laugh, I think we all have come across this version of a person at some point and they make a great story but are to be avoided in real life :)

  2. Yeah right, you're going. I already know it.

  3. I think that guy sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. He sounds like a great friend. Hubs better watch out, you might leave him to go live luxuriously with this winner!