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Friday, February 11, 2011

Rock 'n Roll Mardi Gras Marathon expo...

...or, apparently, "The compression socks show", was today. I picked up my shirt (hideous!) and some freebies:
Notice the small stains: I have already managed to get food on this shirt and I haven't even worn it yet!

And my humiliating alcoholics bracelet that I have to wear to work all day tomorrow:
Would you trust a pharmacist who drinks Miller?

And I brought some drug paraphernalia from work. Just kidding. Latex gloves are awesome for racing - they keep you toasty warm and you can just throw them off when you get hot. And in New Orleans we won't really notice extra rubber gloves laying by a homeless guy on a corner.
Got my number, too, and - why what's that little green sticker in the corner? Does it speak of a corral change?
I didn't steal the latex gloves from work; they fell out of the pocket of one of my drug dealer customers when he pulled out his stack of 980 $5 bills.

Yes, it does...and I know this is extremely immature of me, but I am thrilled that it's corral TWO! Not that I actually have run a marathon fast enough for the second corral - 3:30 cut off - but that's what I'm shooting for so the corral change guy moved me to two. From six. Sorry, I just didn't want to hang around in the corral that long. Last time I waited forty five minutes and I was so thirsty because I didn't have water with me!

After pick up, hubby and I went to dinner at Restaurant Atchafalaya, an uptown casual fine-dining place. Someone had given me a a $25 coupon, so we thought we'd try it. I was surprised by how good the service was. A total of EIGHT people waited on us for dinner, and despite the crowded dining room we were in and out in 45 minutes. With the coupon we spent $35 pre-tip: those coupons are the best. I had veal pies and a crab salad; David had a generous bowl of gumbo and crawfish-stuffed flounder. I thought the veal pies lacked a certain pungency; I would have added shallots and decreased the salt a little, but overall it was a good meal. Plus, I'm automatically a happier diner if I have attentive service.
Does service do it for you in a restaurant? Or are you the type to put up with The Soup Nazi just to get a good bisque? 


  1. This is kind of a random post, but I have a few things to say about it. (1) The Mardi Gras marathon shirts (and a lot of NOLA race shirts) are always SOOOO ugly. Green or purple. I have a purple one. Yuck. (2) I love Achafalaya! They have a marvelous brunch -- great crab cakes! Also, funny you used the cert -- I noticed many of the nicer restaurants don't use those, but I found that one too and used it guessed it, crab cakes!

    Good luck on the run! I know you will do well! I only did the half...but the weather was perfect! I wish you the same!

  2. Good luck at the marathon.

    Doesn't being a pharmacist make you skeptical of everyone? "Really, my parrot ate my Vicodin so I need an early refill."

  3. Gracie, you have been on fire lately with you Comments on my blog :-) Pretty funny. Good luck on your 3:30. I'm secretly hoping you get a 3:29:44 (1 second behind me)

  4. Good luck with the race. May 3:30 be in your future!

  5. You're about to run a marathonnnnn! That's so awesome! I've signed up for my first race (10K) and I'm already imagine myself crossing the finish line and then there won't be nobody left there anymore lolol /dramaqueen haha :D

  6. random rubber gloves, but a druggie patient is a good excuse. hope the race went well!