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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I love this...Packers v. Steelers

This is real football. Cold weather, mean defense, big bad quarterbacks. If I can't have a Saints Superbowl, at least I can have the kind of game you can watch while eating a bowl of chili and drinking a bock.With a jersey over your pajamas.
I started watching NFL football when I was five and my mother - the "no TV" enforcer at our house - was on bed rest during her pregnancy with Joey. We kids quickly took the game outside, where we played a brutal tackle football in which your team got penalized by 5 yards if anyone cried. For years Melissa, Johnny, and I were one team, pitted against Dad, Nate, and eventually Joey. Dad's absurd size advantage was no match for Melissa's quick play calling and my down-right violent blocking. We lived in West Virginia and, like most of our friends and neighbors, cheered for the Redskins. It was bittersweet when we moved the Michigan right in the middle of the football season in which the Skins won the Superbowl (but it was priceless when they beat the Lions in the championship game. We carved "Go Redskins" into the snow; a light rain followed by a freeze ensured that our obnoxious message stayed set in ice for weeks.).
Years passed, teams changed (but I still have a soft-spot for the Redskins and think fondly of the Art Monk and Darryl Green days!), but football has always been a bright spot in the fall. It's funny how I was the only girl who watched football growing up, but now the NFL is so popular that I see as many women sporting jerseys as their obsessed husbands and boyfriends. Tonight I'll be missing the Saints, but I'm happy to see a classic football clash to wrap the season up.
So grab your terrible towel or cheese head and a high fat snack, and enjoy the game.
Are you a football fan? Where are you watching the game tonight? Are watching for the game or the commercials?


  1. I am not a huge football fan but I enjoy the social aspects of it! And I like the idea of football - meaning, I like having it on in the background on a crisp fall days. And I like the food associated with it, like wings and mini-hotdogs and chili. :)

    I will be going to a friend's house to watch the game. We are having leftovers from my party - kind of funny to mix french aps w/ football. ;) I am cheering for the Packers since they are from the neighboring state (And I can't stand Ben Rothlisberg (sp?) so I can't cheer for that team on principle).

  2. I'll be watching the commercials. Not a fan of either team, but yes, a good excuse for high calories. I will enjoy that part of it.

    I'm in corral 4 for Mardi Gras, but I had originally signed up for the full marathon. Will switch to the half at the expo, so I'm not sure if the corral will change or not.

    Good Luck to you 1 wk from today.