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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

If you work for the government like my hubby, enjoy your day off. But don't slowly sip coffee and nibble on waffles while wearing pj's right in front of me as I get ready for a long miserable Monday. That would be mean.

Did you know that James Garfield used to be a preacher (also did you know he died after a long, painful battle with sepsis contracted from doctors probing his bullet wound with bare, unwashed hands?)?*

Did you also know Harry S Truman doesn't have a middle name, only a middle initial, and therefore there is not a period after the S? And if you put a period after the S you're incorrect, ahem, whoever is editing

Did you know that William Taft was morbidly obese and famously had a jumbo bathtub installed in the White House since he couldn't fit in standard tubs?
Read more fun facts here.

*The story of Garfield's assassination is a moving one and medically fascinating. You should read it.


  1. As a govt employee, I appreciate both the day off and the interesting facts. Of course, come March 4th, if Congress doesn't pass a budget, many of us might be sitting around the house for quite a bit longer.

  2. I work for the state (a university) and did not get the day off. Unfortunately, due to a bike crash yesterday I am home anyway...

  3. Gracie - the cerebral runner. BTW, I work for a big ol company and have today off.

  4. Thanks for the random president info. :) I didn't have today off unlike a lot of people it seems. And yeah, I'm jealous of those waffle eating day offers too.