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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The brothers in question

I think you deserve to see the brothers after hearing all about their schooling, don't you?
Here are Johny and Joey. They think they are awesome. Random guy in the back is the infamous Bob.

Here's Abe... Jazz half marathon 2009. Not that you can see a darn thing...just imagine me with slightly shorter hair and bigger muscles.

Here's Nate at his graduation. As you can tell he got most of the Armenian genes.


  1. Great pictures!!! It helps to put faces (well Abe's is kind of a long shot but I get the idea) to the stories!! I think there should be occassional updates, especially on how Nate is surviving without you and how Abe manages to juggle the crazy load he's got!!!

  2. I see that speedy Abe does not have anyone on his tail at that race... no suprise there!

    Thanks for sharing photos!!!

  3. These photos rock.

    I love brothers.