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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Longish run and why I love Google Maps

What the heck, two posts today. I'm off work :)
Today was a step-back week in marathon training, and boy was I glad to just do ten miles. For some reason my quads have been KILLING me lately, and I rarely get sore muscles. I was also pleased to have a shorter run because I didn't get out of bed. It is SO HARD to roll out of bed at the crack of dawn knowing that it's a day off! So I didn't. I slept in. Then it looked stormy out, so I postponed my run. I made muffins while I waited for the rain to start. That way, I'd be out of the house running while the deathly hot kitchen cooled down (my kitchen A/C is out, remember?). Cle-vah!
Well, I finally got all my gear together at about 10:45 am. I planned to do this route:

only it would be over ten including the run to and from my house. Never fear, Google Maps to the rescue! I always use Google Maps to calculate my actual distance because I don't have a Garmin or other fun toys. This route is amazing because it covers a gigantic section of the city. There are a few problems, though. It goes through high traffic areas with hot cars, construction, and lots of stops for one. That bites. It also has a few blocks of slightly shady areas...crime shady, I mean. Not tree shady. This is a really sunny route. My last problem was water. There are no public fountains along the way. I fixed this by carrying a bottle and sneaking my sweaty self into a Walgreens and a Rite Aid on the route. Tip for other NOLA runners: Rite Aid on St Charles and Louisiana has a cold water cooler by the pharmacy!
I was enjoying my run until I hit the tourist-y section of Canal Street. The weather was surprisingly cool and breezy - not sure the temp, but definitely under 90 (at mid-day!). The sun- and people - came out on Canal, and then, um, I got lost. Somehow I missed St. Charles! I ended up running all the way to the river, then doubling back in confusion, then making some big loop... and finally finding St Charles. Then I promptly ran the opposite way on St Charles until I realized my error. After I hit St Charles I felt like I was almost home (although the stop at Rite Aid was most welcome. My water was all hot by then).
After the run I used trusty ol' Google Maps AGAIN to find out how far I actually went. I really ran 12.2. So much for a ten miler.
Since it's summer, talk to me about your water stops. How often? Do you carry a bottle? Are you insane, like one of my friends, who never drinks on the run (even ten miles)?


  1. YAY for two posts Thursday's!!

    And double yay for REALLY RUNNING 12.2!! Awesome!!!!!

    I drink two powerades [32oz each] during a 12 mile run ---- but [heee heee] I just stash them on "ed" no carry needed. Score: outside running 0 / treadmill running - 1!! ;)

  2. I've missed turns before and ended up running farther then I meant to. Awesome job on your run!! We have a loop called the booty loop and you see water bottles and gatorade bottle along the route of people who loop back for their water/gatorade. I carry a water bottle with me for runs over 7. If I don't I fear I will pass out

  3. Argh! Getting lost/confused blows! Luckily when I got lost last week, I figured out where I was in time to not make it a longer run than it needed to be... Which is good because 15 miles is far enough...

    I either run w/ a fuel belt that carries 20 oz, or for my long Sunday runs, I run w/ one that carries 32 oz. I usually drive every 2 miles. I carry gatorade if I am running further than 5 miles. Otherwise my runs suck and I feel zapped for the rest of the day.

    Usually I run in an area that has water fountains so I can alternate between drinking gatorade & drinking water... i feel like i need quite a bit of water/gatorade on my long runs. Esp right now when it's so hot/humid...

  4. I do loopty loops of audubon and the fly and stop at almost every water fountain. I hate carrying bottles!

  5. I got lost the other week too, luckily it was a bit early in the run so I didn't tack on too much extra time. I've been wearing a hydration belt on the long runs because I run on country roads with no water or places to stop in sight. I'll probably have to start double loops so I can stop back by the house because I can't carry enough for the really long ones. Good luck on your long run next week!! Looking forward to reading about it!

  6. Ha...getting lost sucks, but hey it got you some extra mileage. Nice work lady!

  7. a runner!!! oh i'm so glad you found my blog, gracie! i am going to enjoy getting to know you!

    termite. :)