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Monday, August 9, 2010

Burn out!

This was my weekend:
1. Friday night: Stay up too late watching Mystery Science Theater.
2. Saturday morning: Up at crack of dawn for 6 miler. Worst run in months: too tired, too hot and humid. I felt awful and slow the whole time.
3. Saturday: Quick shower, head to work for a 9 hour day. Remember, no lunch breaks and stand up the whole time.
4. Work day: Listen to a few dozen people tell you lies to your face. Pretend you believe that they really did get in a car accident in which their Vicodin was crushed by the steering wheel. But their blood pressure meds were not. Tell at least 100 more people that their controlled substance refill is too early. Be cursed at. Highlight: A customer brings in a loaf of homemade bread that he sells at the farmer's market; says he's bringing the farmers market to me since I can't make it to the farmer's market.
5. Saturday night: Get off at six, race home, change into something cute and white, head out the door for White Linen Night, an event which started at six pm. Take the most packed streetcar ever downtown: standing room only, super hot, starting to regret shoe choice. Shuffle through packed streets full of other hot and sweaty white-clad people; attempt to look at art in the galleries; the only galleries with A/C on are packed; near heat exhaustion. Just as we wiggle through the crowds to the car, see the owners of a neighborhood bar. Be stricken with guilt for not ever getting a drink at said bar, when friends own the place. Make half-hearted promises to come grab a drink later. Drive home. Peel painful shoes off and examine new blisters. Drag bleary-eyed self down the street for promised drink. Fall asleep in martini.
7. Sunday morning: refuse to get out of bed. Give hubby detailed explanation as to why sleeping in is mandatory and marathon training is canceled, all while sound asleep. Be persuaded out of bed by hot coffee at the bedside (thanks, hubs). Wake up all the way and realize that your house looks like a bomb went off. Start frantic cleaning spree (cut short by work). Head to work.
8. Work day: Give first flu shot of the season. Field another 50 fabricated stories in an attempt to get early refills. Look around and realize that of the 30 people milling around the pharmacy, 29 have drugs-glazed eyes and the one who doesn't is your technician. Start fixing the rx robot and realize that it has been messing up because an employee had pushed all the wrong settings for no apparent reason. Attempt to eat chicken wings at work. Fail.
9. Sunday night: Rush home! Frantically change into workout clothes, wondering why sleeping in sounded like a good idea this morning. Speedwork in 97 degrees (at 6 pm) is misery. Return pouring sweat. Attempt cold shower. Water will not run cold; even the cold faucet is hot. Change into cute dress. Sweat in cute dress. Stick hair in fugly ponytail and join hubby for brother's farewell dinner (he's moving for graduate school). Get half-way to restaurant; turn around and go home to get forgotten coupon. Make it to restaurant and are seated in the veranda area, which is closed in with plastic much like a greenhouse. Commence more sweating. Nearly faint at the suggestion of French onion soup; order salad instead. Ready to go home. Charming waiter is telling us about his trip to Argentina. The story takes half an hour. Have to finish house-cleaning spree before bed. Toss and turn all night in the relentless heat.
10. Monday morning: Refuse to get out of bed. Hold still-asleep argument with hubby about when to go running. Pull sticky sheets over head. Finally wake up and discover that it is raining. Drink coffee and blog instead of running.
And to work!
Happy Monday kids :)


  1. Why does my Google Adsense post incontinence supplies ads by my posts?

  2. I'd say you need a vacation or at least some rest as well! Those are packed days.

  3. White linen night, in my opinion, is very rarely worth it. It's just so hot and crowded! I like the non-August art walks much more.
    Although this year I ended up at a friend's family's wine tasting for most of the early evening, then got food at Cafe Adelaide and only ended up going into 2 galleries on Julia St.

  4. Oh my. I love the falling asleep in your martini comment. Actually, I love the whole post - although i wouldn't want to re-live it!

  5. Whew, thanks for that moment by moment recap! I hope you get a chance to settle down a bit. I second that the sleeping in your martini comment made me smile. Oh Monday, why does it have to come so soon??

  6. busy lady.

    Loved this post.

    Awesome re-cap.

  7. let's plan next weekend:
    Friday night: drinks and dinner with hubby
    Sat day and night, stay in bed and watch tv, order takeout.
    Sunday - have coffee & read paper w/hubby in jammies all day long.

    i'm so productive on the