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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Late to work

Not me. Other pharmacist. Here's the deal: One of the other pharmacists is late every single day. She's usually 15 minutes late but recently it has stretched to 30 minutes. It's starting to be a problem because on days when we overlap I really need back-up by the time her shift rolls around. I mean, I've got shots to give, patients to counsel, drug-heads to turn away. I'm busy! It's also kind of unfair to the company. She gets paid for 40 hours of work, but she works 38.
I've been considering how to handle this and came up with a few approaches:
1. The tattle tale approach: I discuss this with her manager, and deal with her accusing eyes and barely contained anger for the eternity of our working relationship.
2. The passive-aggressive approach: Every time she's late I scatter my lunch crumbs across her keyboard, in proportion to her lateness. Once she hits the half hour mark I start leaving whole pepperonis and blobs of salad dressing.
3. The revenge approach: The later she comes in, the later I come in! As she responds, our shifts get shorter and shorter, until we only work for minutes a day, practically revolving around each other as we rush in and out of the door.
4. The self-incrimination approach: Every time she walks in the door ask her, "What time is it? My watch broke/phone is at home/cataracts are preventing me from reading the wall clock." Allow a pregnant pause to follow her admission of, "It's ten thirty."
5. The aggressive approach: Put my jerk hat on and bellow, "WHY ARE YOU LATE AGAIN?!"
6. The dishonest approach: Tell her even salaries employees must clock in now, and provide a special time clock that one of the genius brothers rigged up to *look* real. Hope it scares her.
7. The criminal approach: Hack the company paycheck site and dock her pay for time missed. Use cash to buy loads of frozen yogurt, just because it's fun.
8. The Pavlov's Dogs approach: Only wear deodorant on days she is on time.
9. The on-time-is-the-fun-time approach: Every time she shows up late be just licking donut crumbs of my fingers, then say, "Oh, the donut guy came by at ten. Sorry you missed him." (We don't actually have a local donut guy, but we do have a local pie man who brings his wares to local businesses. Isn't that cute? And fattening?)
10. The spineless approach: Do nothing, say nothing, and secretly feel affronted.
Hm, guess which one I'm choosing???


  1. Let's see...I'd do #10 and just continue to think of other things to add to the list of ways to approach it...oh, and just complain about it a lot to those around me. :-)

  2. # 2 or 8 for sure.
    I mean. How could she not get it on odor-filled days?

  3. #6 is very creative!
    #7 would be fun but could get you fired.
    #4 might actually work.
    #2 would be funny with the pepperonis.

  4. Oh, I would be so pissesd. That is just terrible work ethic. Just ridiculous. I don't know what i would do... You have come up with some creative/clever options!

  5. Ha! Your blog cracks me up! I would probably use the joking but not really joking approach and give her a hard time about it. Not saying this is the best approach...but I would probably actually do that.

  6. hmm.. well. the bottom line is..
    who is her boss?
    if it's you. then it's up to you to speak with her.
    if it's upper management, you may have to wait to see if they are going to step in. if they don't.. then i'd have to have a chat with her.

  7. I'm sorry :( It's so frustrating when you're an ALWAYS on time person and you have to deal with those who are ALWAYS late. Does she even apologize? I'm guessing you are going with 10 but all of your ideas are quite creative!!
    Does her boss even have an inkling of what's going on?

  8. The all-encompassing approach. All of the above.

  9. i'd say go for #8! hahaha :)

  10. Just start at the top and work your way down ;)

  11. These are so clever!

  12. just be honest, and tell her it is unfair to you