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Friday, August 13, 2010

I sure won't be dancing on Saturday night.

Mostly because I can't dance, I'm too old to dance, and all my friends are finally married off (no more sappy slow dance receptions).
But also because:
- I did 20 miles last night in the rain and my feet are all blisters and rubbed-raw spots
- I did cardio kickboxing today which was a double-whammy for the ol' quads
- I broke a glass and got a sliver in my left heel; I also managed to swipe a large shard over my right toe, slicing it open deeply. I bled everywhere. It looks like I butchered a pig in my kitchen.

I am a mess of bandages, gauze, ice packs, and shredded skin. I guess I can officially scratch "foot model" off my list of future careers.


  1. Ouch!! I hope your feet feel better! And feel free to skip our tentative run on Sat. if you need to! (Since it's still a maybe for me- and my friends are bringing costumes to my birthday dinner/karaoke so it may be a long night despite my good intentions.) Just let me know.

  2. YAY on 20!!!

    Get out there and dance!!!! ;)

  3. LOL, Emz, if I had your energy I guess I would!
    Shelly, your call...have a crazy fun birthday!

  4. Holy smokes, you did 20 yesterday & went to kick boxing today? Color me impressed, lady!

  5. I'll text you later tonight (10ish, if I remember) and let you know. Feel better!

  6. OH MY WORD you are amazing!!! That's serious motivation!!

  7. Hmmm...your life really does seem complicated.

    ..but there you are rocking the run and rolling the kick boxing :)

  8. Hello! I found your blog through Abbi at Higher Miles. I read all about your 20 miler. I see it was rough but way to go with finishing!! Sorry about your poor feet :(
    I'm from the Mobile area so we're kind of neighbors :) I look foward to following your progress and your blog!
    Leah B.

  9. I came over here from Higher Miles, and I just wanted to say that you are hard core for finishing your run under such conditions! I'll be following your training and other adventures.

    I'm so sorry about your poor feet! I hope they heal soon!

  10. :) Hi new readers, nice to hear from you!