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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can I have a leetle break?

This week I have to: create slides for our company to use for doctor/patient/pharmacist education, compose a presentation for my market, complete a 17-hour HIV certification course, turn in volumes of expense reports, participate in a 3-hour conference call seminar, have a phone preliminary job interview (!), and plan my little brother's graduation party for next weekend. This is an ordeal because we will have 22 guests, and my apartment seats 14 max. Including the toilet. Plus my dad is a vegetarian, one of my brothers eats only red meat, Abe does not eat fried food when training for a race, and my aunt has multiple food the menu is a little up in the air. One of my brother's roommates was invited, and he RSVP'd with his whole family who is in town for HIS graduation, which sort of forced me to include him as a co-honoree. So now I'm hosting a party for Bob, too, whom I've never met.
In addition to having a party next week, we are hosting my aunt (from MD) and my older brother (from TX) and will be doing the whole New Orleans/French Quarter tourist thing. And we'll be driving brother and wife back and forth to Mississippi where they're staying. And then there's mothers day. And four in-law birthdays. All that same weekend.
So, if I get a little quiet over here, forgive me, ok? I'll save all my funny stories and tell you when I'm not on the brink of a nervous breakdown.
See you later!


  1. Holy smokes, lady! You have A LOT going on. Good luck w/ the menu planning... that is quite the challenge. You'll have to tell us what you come up with!! Yeesh!

  2. Eeks! yes that should provide you with oodles of material..... Hang in there!