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Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm not the world's worst sister!!!

A few weeks ago, I came in from a walk and picked up my phone. I saw a missed call and my heart sank. It was from Joey, my little brother who joined the army. Right before they took the recruits' phones away for good, the boot camp directors (I'm pretty sure there is another term for would never guess I was a military brat, I'm so uninformed!) allowed one last phone call. Joey called me, and I didn't answer. I felt like a jerk listening to his message ("Don't call me back, they're taking our phones away after this,") and cried for a week.
Today I stepped outside for a minute to - OF ALL THINGS - spray-paint some cheap earrings gold because the plating wore off, and returned to see a missed call from a number I didn't recognize. I listened to my voicemail and couldn't understand a word, but I heard Joey's voice! I could not believe I'd missed his call again! I tried the number back, and it was busy. I tried four more times and each time I dialed I heard a busy signal. I decided to wait a minute and try once more, and to my surprise the phone rang and an unfamiliar voice answered. I asked for Joey, and the voice said, "Um, he'll call you back." Click. I waited, confused, but a few minutes later my phone rang. Joey was calling back! It turns out the guys got turns on a pay-phone, and when I called back a surprised soldier answered. True to his word he fetched Joey, who called me.
Joey and I caught up a little. He's doing well, although he's completely exhausted, and as it turns out is a crack-shot (oddly, since he's half blind. His glasses are helping now, but it's not like he's had any practice!). I asked about his knees, since he has an old and severe knee injury, but he told me they haven't been hurting him. He's made some good friends and is "avoiding the losers" (his phrase). One of the non-losers is the chaplain, which can't hurt, right?
I feel so much better after the conversation. He sounded cheery and upbeat and boot camp doesn't seem to be wearing him down at all. He said it was hard, but no harder than he expected. I know he's physically very fit, so I was mostly worried about his mental stamina and his old knee problem, and I was reassured on both points.
Joey, wondering why his family won't answer his phone calls

Best of all, I'm no longer the world's worst sister.


  1. Ha! They're Drill Sergeants! Good for him! Phone calls home meant all the world when I was in basic. He should be bringing up the last bit of his training now right? What job did he get? Tell him not to worry, the real Army is NOTHING like basic. At all.
    *funny story*
    When I was stationed at Fort Knox, I was flying home to IL for Christmas. I got to Louisville airport and of course it was the day all the kids from basic were leaving. Drill sergeants were all over the place, making sure they got tickets, their bags checked, etc. A DS walked by and I(in regular street clothes) said "Hey drill, how's it going?" He saw my backpack(ACU w/ my rank on it) and we chatted. He walked away and the kid behind me goes "Wow, I wish I could talk to a DS like that!" I laughed and told him he would once he graduated. Drill sergeants are people too! They put their pants on one leg at a time just like we do.

    Sorry, longest comment ever. :)

  2. Aw, I am glad that you guys got a chance to talk. I, too, would have been heart broken if I had missed his call. But you are obv a fabulous sister if he chose to call you out of all the many people in your family!!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you got to talk to him! (And you are far from the world's worst sister!)