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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dress it up

My new pharmacy has a small counseling room so I can talk to patients in private. It was looking a little bare, so I painted a picture for the wall. This is actually a large painting and I swear in real life it isn't crooked...darn Blackberry pictures. My baseboards are black so the frame matches.
I have two similar frames that hold 11 x 14" art; I just need to think of something to put in them. They'll go on the blank wall next to the wall above. Any ideas? I think I need to stick to the New Orleans theme, but since they're smaller it can't be too detailed. I was thinking two musicians, or maybe one of an oyster and one of a shrimp. Any other ideas?


  1. You painted that?? That's awesome!!!!

  2. HOLY TALENT Gracie!! I love to draw and usually can recreate something in pencil if I can see it, bu you painting ability blows me aways!

    Yes the NO theme would be a great trend! Any Saints pics? ;)

    Thank you for your always informative cmments on my blog! I am always learning from YOU!

  3. You are super talented! What about an ocean theme to offset the city picture?

  4. I'm sorry, you thought it looked dull so you just painted a picture? AND you run marathons?! You're a rockstar.