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Friday, October 21, 2016

Which marathon should I run?

Well, I'm in a pickle.
Right after RnR New Orleans this year, I registered early for just $50 to run it again in 2017. Great deal, right? But then at a race this summer, David won an entry to the Louisiana Marathon. We held off using it, because I thought David might want to use it, but now he says he doesn't.
This leaves me with many options!
1. Run both fulls, about three weeks apart
2. Run Louisiana full and drop down to the half for RnR
3. Run Louisiana half and the RnR full (this probably makes the most sense, as timelines go)
4. Run RnR full and persuade David to run the Louisiana half

Thoughts? Advice?


  1. 1. 2 fulls 3 weeks apart sounds like a recipe for injury!
    2. Dates? Weather? Course? How well-organised is each one?
    3. For which one are you most likely to peak? What are your race goals?
    4. Options 2, 3 or 4 make the most sense -though a reluctant spouse is not going to be a happy half marathoner...

  2. I think option 1 is a bad idea! I don't know enough about the courses to know which is better, but whichever race you prefer, do the full one at that and the half at the other!

  3. It's possible to do two marathons 3 weeks apart, if you're not fried or injured from the first. Just race the first, recover/taper, do the second.

    From a performance perspective, I think doing the half three weeks before the full is the best choice. My coach has a lot of us doing that anyway - last 21 miler is 4 weeks out, do the half three weeks out. I thought it worked well for my full. Not so well for my half, but I don't run halves well off of marathon training.

    I don't see much difference between doing a half or a full three weeks after a full. Either way, won't be your best performance. I'd think you'd actually perform better at a full than a half as the second race, because at least you're be trained for that distance.

  4. I would go with the weather, but I run much better in the COLD, low humidity. I would be ready for the LA marathon. If the weather is on the warm side, I would run the half, and save myself for RNR full, and hope for better weather. You may not be as "weather impacted" as me - I sweat a LOT !