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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Recovery for fools

It happens after every race: the weekend after, I'm itching to run long and a little too fast. Yesterday was 10 at 7:32 pace. It was 8 at something like 7:25 pace before it got insanely hot out (80F with 79% humidity: will summer never end?!) and suddenly last week's marathon hit me like a load of bricks. 
I shouldn't do these things. But I always have a little tiny bit of racing left. 
Now, back to my scheduled recovery...Iron Strength workout today! I'm all strength-building for the next few weeks! 


  1. Dang, those are some fast miles! You bounced back so quickly!!!

  2. Yup, I've followed that exact plan many times ... and regretted it later.

  3. and I'm on my 2nd day of zero training after 18 miles.....I enjoy my recovery time:) probably a little too much.