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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


In mid-September, David and I took advantage of some cheap Southwest tickets and flew to Chicago. I didn't take many pictures, but you know how everyone takes pictures of the Bean? It's because it's the most awesome thing ever. 

Bean and buildings
We went on an architecture tour by boat our fist afternoon. The weather was beautiful! 
Please notice the heart on the lower left...more Bean!
I really like this bean.
So I made David hold it. 
Lake Michigan. So strange to be on the other end of it: we lived on Lake Michigan when I was a kid, at the northwest end.
Sear's tower (I mean, Willis or whatever) - David refused to step any closer to the edge and, in fact, his hands were clammy! 
Views from the Sears Tower
My favorite picture from the whole trip: the other tourists taking selfies over the city!
I always try to visit the library in every city we visit. Chicago has a lovely one.
Besides running in less-than-nine-million-degrees, I also wrote an entire marketing analysis, which kind of sucked. David went to a meet-up with a bunch of Saints fans at a bar, and I had to sit in the hotel and read hotel industry statistics. Boo.


  1. Chicago is such a fun city to visit. I love the bean, too! You got some great pictures from your trip! I did the architectural tour when I was there for the marathon 3 years ago and it was so interesting. We also got lucky with the weather when we did it, too.

    That sucks that you had a school project to work on, though. Booo!!

  2. I'm with David. My hands were clammy just looking at you standing in the clear box.

  3. I love Chicago. Will go back any time, particularly to eat.