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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Typical taper cold

As I am wont to do, I came down with a cold yesterday. Great. I am still in the "Will it become a full-blown cold? Or just sniffles?" stage, so I am drinking tons of water, taking vitamin C, and drinking the kombucha I made and never posted about (because I've been spending about 35 hours a week on school, bleah).
Contributing factor: our temperatures, after a respite in the 70s, swung suddenly back to high 80s; meanwhile, our AC in the bedroom broke and we spent a sweaty night with damp, warm air being blown in our faces by a fan before David fixed the window unit (one week after fixing our vacuum. This white-collar lawyer dude is quite the handyman, even if his fixing technique seems to consist of turning things off, taking them apart, putting them back together, and turning them back on again.).
Other contributing factor: extremely limited sleep during this last real week of stupid school.

Pray this one goes away fast. No one wants to run a marathon with a cold!


  1. Boo! Sending healthy thoughts your way!!

  2. Oh no! I hope it's just the sniffles and not a full-blown cold!! That would just suck! I feel like I would often start to feel under the weather during the taper. It's like your body feels like it has time get sick now that you are running less. Fingers crossed you feel well on race day!!!

  3. Oof. Sending you lots of wellness vibes!

  4. Totally sucks! Hope it blows over quickly. We had a big upswing in temps too. Mid-70s for overnight lows, but only low 90s for highs, which is a bit of a break, but not much, and still far warmer than it should be. Weather looks good for Twin Cities though!