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Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's taper time!

Here we go, a week of taper. This reduced running is excellent timing, as I also have to start wrapping up my semester. I have two tests, one final, one paper, one team video, two team projects (one is a "final project"), and one term paper left for the next two weeks. All of it is for one class except one test and one final: I already finished my final project in that class, and I historically do very well on cumulative exams, so I am pretty nearly done with that class.
A long time ago, I painted a bunch of my binders. David took these pictures while I had a lull in studying. 

I started the term paper last night (with the brilliant technique of writing the abstract first...perhaps it will serve as an outline) and, if I hammer away at that briskly, could finish that even this weekend. I don't expect to, though, as my little brother is in town visiting and I would like to spend some time with him.
What's left for running:
Well, I signed up for a two mile race tonight. That is hardly brilliant timing, but it supports a Tulane cause, so I felt obligated. But instead of the 8 miles I was scheduled today, I'll just do that race and the accompanying warmup/cool down, trading distance for effort.
Then it's all reduced mileage: 8, 6, 5, 6, and 3. Then this marathon that I don't feel ready for. Hurray for positive attitudes!


  1. Ugh your MBA scheudle sounds insane. My courses are all online, so I don't have to do any group projects. My last week was rough as well, I had two mid term papers due, plus our regular coursework. So much reading!

    1. I've had group projects in several of my classes, but the problem is that some of my group members were overseas! Juggling time zones was tough! However, this time I have a great group with the exception of one student who just sits there - a good group makes a world of difference.

  2. Oh wow, you have an intense work load for your MBA. That seems waaaaay worse that what I had when I was getting my MBA years ago. Good luck getting through it all! Good thing it's coinciding with your taper.

    It looks like you'll have great weather for the marathon! It's going to feel soooo cold for you, though, but I'm sure those cool temps will make you fly on race day! I'm planning to spectate around maybe 21-22, so just past the top of this long, never-ending hill (so cruel for them to put a hill at that point of the race!).