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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hi, football!

After the fall school session from hell, I'm taking a break until Spring. Our travel plans conflict with classes, and guess what? I'm a grown-up getting an MBA for absolutely no reason, so I can skip a semester in favor of vacation if I want. So I am.

My return to normal life means that I finally lifted my bleary eyes to the television, and lo and behold: I have a 2-3 fantasy team and a 2-3 NFL team. Sounds par for the course.
We went over to our neighbor's house to watch the Saints game Sunday, and it was the first game I'd watched in its entirety all season. And what a game! As usual, the Saints crumbled in the third quarter, barely eking out a win, leaving us to stress-chug champagne and shout "Who Dat!" with hoarse voices.

I was so glad we went over to our neighbor's: he's been inviting us to his Saints parties every Sunday for years, and we've never been. Not only was his house beautiful (like so many New Orleans houses, the interior is an elegant hodgepodge of carved wood, high ceilings, chandeliers, and mantelpieces), we met more of our neighbors and bonded over common Uptown woes, like bad parking, parade traffic, construction, and no grocery stores. It's good to know people nearby, because you never know when a hurricane might hit and you need someone who returned to town early to check on your house! Plus, since most of our immediate neighbors are college students, we only have close relationships with a few of them - the students come and go. Our friend lives on the cross street, and this group is a little less transient. I value knowing your neighbors, so it was a fun and profitable afternoon.

Are you friends with your neighbors? Do you socialize with them, or just wave while getting in and out of your car?


  1. Hooray with being done with a semester and taking a little break! In the grand scheme of things, taking one session off so you can travel is not going to matter at all. And I think you need a break after the intense schedule you've had.

    That's great that you got to meet more of your neighbors and got to see the interior of a neighbors home. I love older homes like the one you described; they have so much charm and character. Sorry to hear the Saints are having a crappy season. Usually the Vikings are awful but this year they are undefeated. I can't remember the last time that happened!

    As far as your question about our neighbors - we do know our next door neighbors. We have a low fence between our homes and they are outside quite a bit so we have gotten to know them more and more each year. And in August, Minneapolis has "National Night Out" which is a city-wide event. Everyone has a block party which gives you a chance to meet your neighbors. Sometimes that's the only time we see some of our neighbors, but it's a good opportunity to meet others on the block.

  2. You have a fantasy football team too?! I was so close to not doing Fantasy football this year. But, I've been in the same league for 3-4 years now...I'm doing terrible this year. I'm in 8th place and my record is 1-5 womp womp... I can only juggle so much.... I'm so jealous that you are getting a break. After I finish this block of classes a new round starts the following Monday.

  3. My fantasy team is dying, but luckily I don't really care. Much of our block is older, retired couples. We mostly wave and say hi across the street, but it's nice to know someone is there and kind of keeping an eye out.